Pat is openly transparent with every aspect of his life, ranging from his monthly earning reports to a degree of his family life. These elements serve to essentially 'humanize' his identity, and, I believe, are helping to do a formidable job at establishing him as a personal 'brand' online that many go can to to seek out advice and help. If his ever expanding amount of twitter followers and blog readers are any indication, I anticipate that he'll eventually have enough of an influence and leverage to release a book (or 2 or 3). Another positive about his smart passive income blog, and how he manages it, is the fact that it is not uncommon for him to take the necessary time to respond to each and every comment individually. Whether he receives 10 comments on a blog post, or 1,000, I think it's admirable that he takes the time, out of his own busy schedule, to respond to each and every comment. It is this type of interaction, and respect for his users that I truly believe is helping to establish himself as a rather influential 'brand'. Just as many people have advocated, Pat has done a tremendous job at using many Social Media Web 2.0 tools, in conjunction, in order to help establish and further promote his 'brand'. Between his blog, twitter account, and Facebook page, he is certainly not allowing this new onslaught of social media considerations to keep him from forming and fostering relationships with his readers.


It is very difficult to find anything negative about Pat, or his blog.

Full Review

Run by serial entrepreneur, and emerging internet blogging sensation, Pat Flynn, the blog has quickly become one of my favorite blogs to frequent online. In an era where people justifiably value (and expect) transparency, Pat has done a really great job of establishing and maintaining user trust through his 'uncoventional' detailing of even the most intricate aspects of his impressive monthly income reports. Obtained through a variety of passive income strategies, not only does Pat openly share how much he earns each month, but he also explains, in depth, what step he took to earn what he did for each subsequent month. Throughout his blog's progression, it is clearly noticeable that he has learned many lessons that he hopes to instill in his readers, in order to help them mirror his success. For me, Pat's blog, and the information and resources he provides, have proven to significantly decrease the amount of time I've had to spend on my own projects, and, I'm sure many of his readers can relate.

In Closing

If you have yet to do so, I would HIGHLY recommend visiting Pat's SPI blog at smartpassiveincome. The information he has managed to provide is really quite detailed and thorough. When I had first encountered his blog, way back around August 2009, I had to spend quite a bit of time catching up on content. Ever since, I have visited his blog at least once every day, and will continue to do so. His way of managing his blog, and interacting with user, in my honest opinion, is the way things SHOULD be done online. Real, tangible relationships are great, unfortunately, many of the more established bloggers have long a bit of their identity because they have either forgotten about, or neglected, their users. If Pat continues on the road he is on, it will be very interesting to see just how popular he and his blog become.