Get smart overnight

Everybody would love to be able to take a pill and become smarter, more motivated and develop computer-like memory recall abilities, in a matter of hours. This was the concept explored in the 2011 movie "Limitless".

In the 2011 movie, the main character Eddie is given such a pill to try. After winning an internal debate as to whether he should try this experimental drug that he had been given, he eventually decided to try it. Within a matter of hours Eddie experiences strange effects most significant of which were his drive for success, motivation to get things done, his vastly increased intelligence, the ability to learn really quickly and his ability to remember things he did not even know he knew. Eddie learnt languages overnight, learnt to trade stocks and created profitable trading strategies within a record number of hours.


clever pill

So do you really get smart pills?

After watching the movie and being intrigued by the possibilities such a pill would present, I did some research. To my amazement you do in fact get such pills! In fact there is a whole category of such mental enhancement drugs called Nootropics.

Nootropics are defined as being a form of medication which enhances learing and memory, protects the brain from physical or chemcial injury, has very few side effects and is non-toxic. In fact Nootropics are so safe they are given to certain patients to reduce, and in some cases, slow the progression of some of the symptoms of debilatating ailments such as Alzeimer's Disease and strokes/blood clots in the brain.

Many people have experienced amazing results taking Nootropics. Reported results include an increased memory capacity, an increased drive for success, the ability to grasp new concepts quickly and mental clarity. As by definition Nootropics are non-toxic and have very few side effects, they are at least worth a try, as the potential benefits presented by these intelligence pills are pretty significant.

As amazing as the Nootropics sound, real world Nootropics are not as effective as they are in the movie, as the effects of the drug in the movie were rather exaggerated, for the sake of creating an interesting movie, as one would expect.

One of the most accessible and widely used Nootropics is Piracetam. Piracetam is even available on and seems to offer some very interesting potential benefits. 

Disclaimer: As safe as Nootropics are, it is important to consult your doctor before taking any new medications. Expecially because medication has the potential to interact with other medications you are already taking.

Intelligence in a pill