Learning to Save Money

After the recent financial crisis many people started to realize the importance of saving money, not only for our golden years but for what could happen in the unforeseeable future. The credit crunch made more difficult for first time buyers to get a mortgage, but it also tightened the controls and penalties for current home owners; the consequences can still be seen by a record number of rental properties being snatched as soon as they come to the market; many people couldn’t afford their monthly repayment commitments, many houses were repossessed and many people were declared bankrupt.


However, since we are intelligent people and know the importance of money; many organizations and groups took advantage of the opportunity given by the current circumstances: people were saving money and they wanted to help them doing it by profiting in the process. Consumers, now more than ever, can save a lot of money by using websites created for people like you, people who want to save money but without affecting your standard of life.

Save Money Online

1. Money Saving Voucher Codes

Many websites have taken off in the last few years and nowadays, it is not difficult to find a coupon or voucher website that caters for your country. Although there are a few sites that specialize in specific subjects (e.g.: health or electronics) the best ones are those offering discounts for all categories and companies.  The idea behind coupons is to lure shoppers in order to buy from their brand; they know that once you buy one product you will continue buy from them: loyalty is embedded within us and they make money even with those huge discounts. Voucher codes website earn a referral fee every single time you use their site to buy a product. It is a win-win situation.


2. Save Pennies with Auction Sites

Websites such as Amazon and eBay offer a great platform to buy and sell new and used items; the concept was new a few years ago and it has picked up even more after the financial crisis; however, since eBay decided to increased their fees without any consideration, many people are now opting to use Amazon as their preferred auction site. Do your research and you will hit the jackpot, as there are many auction websites that are not well-known at the moment, offering better chances to find a bargain. Also, you must take into account that there are many countries in which the police use their own auction site to sell products that have been stolen and never claimed – you must look for them.


3. Cashback Research – Cash Back to You from Websites

It is not a “cashback scam”. There are actually websites that pass part of the referral fee paid by the retailer on to you; yes, they do keep the majority of it; but at least you are not paying the full amount for an item that you were going to buy anyway; make sure to find one where you don’t have to pay a join fee or annual membership; there are plenty of free and good ones available; but if you pay for it; physiologically you will feel oblige to buy something and use the website even if you don’t need the item.


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