The Smart Strip

The Smart Strip LCG5 Energy Saving Power Strip with Auto Switching Technology and Modem/Coaxial Surge Protection is a money saving device that every household and office should have. It saves you money by saving you electricity. And it does so in the simplest way. It stops the various devices that you have in the house or office going onto 'standby' mode instead of going simply 'off'. It seems nowadays that when you press the remote for 'off' for your TV, amplifier, CD player, Play Station and DVD player then the machine doesn't go 'off'. Instead it goes into 'standby' mode. 'Stand by' is not free. It costs you money. For a start an annoying red LED light will remain on and you are paying for that unnecessary red light. The makers of TVs, computers, stereos, DVD players etc. are trying to waste your money by making it more difficult to turn something off than it is to turn it to standby.

The Smart Strip is a device that overcomes this problem. It has auto switching technology that overrides a devices desire to continue using electricity after you have hit the 'off' switch. It is very simple to understand. As you can see from the picture the Smart Strip LCG5 Energy Saving Power Strip has 10 plug sockets. 6 of them white, 3 red and 1 blue. You plug your master device into the blue socket and the other devices that you want to turn 'off' you plug into the white sockets. If you have any devices you wish to remain constantly 'on' like your phone line or modem then you plug them in a red socket. Once you have set up your set strip correctly then every time you switch off your master device then all the other devices plugged to the smart strip (except those plugged into the red sockets) will go 'off'. The power board denies the devices in the white sockets any power so they have no choice but to turn off. This doesn't do any harm to the devices. In fact it probably does the electrical devices good not to be constantly on or nearly on.

The best devices to have plugged into the blue socket are either your computer or your television because these two machines are generally the last to be turned off. Just before you leave your office you turn off your PC or laptop, and just before you go to bed you turn off the TV. Once you have powered down the computer or TV ALL the other myriad electrical devices that you have are automatically turned off. You don't have to worry that you have forgotten to turn anything off.

Finally the Smart Strip LCG5 Energy Saving Power Strip with Auto Switching Technology is also a modem or coaxial surge protector. This simply means that the power board has a fuse inside that will protect your electrical equipment in case of a surge. On other words, the smart strip will automatically cut the connection between the electrical power and your devices if the power supply is erratic and sends too much power. Surges are a common occurrence in many countries and cause untold dollars worth of damage.

To buy a surge protector alone would cost you around $20. The Smart Strip with Modem/Coaxial Surge Protection is only $22. This means for nearly the same price you can get not only a surge protector but also a power board that will save you money. Like the Solar Powered Tiki Torch, the Smart Strip is part of the future. It is something that helps lessen the strain on the world's energy resources and helps you save money.