Spring has arrived and it's time to stop living like a hoarding forest mammal and clean your home. Whether you like it or not, it's time to dust off furniture, open windows and invite fresh air and sun light inside your home. While doing this, you can also consider giving your home a deep spring clean. In order to make your experience less traumatic, after all there aren't many people who are in love with cleaning, we have gathered a list of smart ideas to make your home a cleaner, more organized and comfortable place to live.  

  1. Not surprisingly if you dust off your light bulbs, there will be more light into your home this spring. Of course, the weather outside has to be sunny for that to happen.

  2. I for one hate it when the sponge I have to use to clean the dishes is soaked in water. So, I keep my home sponges dry using a binder clip – clip it on one side and leave it standing.

  3. Bring order in your bathroom this spring by installing a second curtain rod. Hang various items that will be at handy when you need them.

  4. I like this one! Borrow nail polish from your girl friend, spouse or sister. Then use different colours to mark your keys. It'll save you confusion and time wondering which key is for your front door and which for your apartment building entrance.

  5. Use old newspaper to line the bottom of your trashcan. Thus in case a garbage leak occurs, the trashcan will go unscathed.

  6. I like to re-use glass bottles. However, from time to time I simply can't remove lingering odours which make the bottle useless. So, a friend of mine suggested using mustard to clean out persistent odours. And it works great!

  7. When you live in humid places you experience lots of malfunctioning cabinet and drawer doors. In order to unstuck a door use a bar of soap.

  8. I didn't know this one, but you can use tennis balls to make a pillow fluffy again.

  9. Flour is not used only to make delicious cookies or bread. It can also be used to clean stainless steel kitchen appliances.

  10. Greatly admire people who come up with practical uses of various tools. I want to shake the hand of the man/woman who first used a paint roller to dust a ceiling fan.

  11. Deodorize your home using vanilla. Thus your place will smell of cookies all the time!

  12. Instead of buying expensive air purifiers get green plants to filter air inside your home.

  13. Though spring only formally here, why don't you wash your winter gear? Hats, gloves and scarves have to be washed before folded, put in a bag and stored till next winter.

  14. Baking soda and tea leaves are great home remedies to eliminate lingering odours in lunch boxes.

  15. Use old socks to wrap around furniture legs in order to protect your floors when moving it around the house.

  16. Use baking soda to neutralize unpleasant odours stemming off your home carpet. Sprinkle liberally and let it sit overnight. In the morning sweep and then vacuum clean the rest. If it doesn't help you might have to look for expert help to keep your domestic carpet clean and fresh.

After reading all these smart and useful tips spring cleaning shouldn't be a problem to you. Open wide your windows and invite fresh spring air and sun shine to your home.