Creating A Great First Impression By

Adding Appeal That Pops From The Roadway

Front Doors, Window Shutters, and Other Focal Points Made Interesting. 

Learning ways to change a home's color palette from boring to exciting is surprisingly easy, is what this article is all about!  Having a keen eye for color is always a bonus for projects such as house painting or interior design, however, it is not a necessary need.  In this article you are going to discover great ways to develop a keen eye, and change your home from dull to eye catching.

Bold Curb Appeal Used In Urban Neighborhoods

Get Together and Add Some Color To The Building

Curb Appeal
Credit: Photo taken by Leslieslife

I love this picture because it breathes community, neighborhood collabration, and quaintness.  Want that for your own neighborhood?  Get together with your housing association, to present a color board at the next home owners association meeting, and come up with a plan to add color.

Bold Urban Neighborhood Curb Appeal

Creating Focal Points in a Sea of Bricks

Recently my husband Michael and I took a trip to Chicago to do some house hunting of our own.  Chicago has a very large urban sprawl, which is made up of 77 individual neighborhoods.  Each one of these communities seems to have its own personality and charm.  My favorite communities are to the lower North side of Chicago, in what is known as the Old Town Triangle, which are Old Town/Lincoln Park/Lincoln Square areas grouped together.  I was inspired to write this article, after walking back to the Hotel Lincoln from Stanley's Kitchen on North Lincoln avenue.  Any persons who have never been to Chicago or visited the Northside of Chicago, are missing out on a grand opportunity to see beautifully designed architecture, from the late 19th century.

The housing that makes up a good 67% of the residences in these areas are 100+ years old Rowhouses and all brick and wrought iron single family homes.  Some of which are as tall as four or five stories high, if they were to count the attic space.   What I love about these houses though, are the bright exterior accent colors used by many of the homeowners, which completely set their housing unit apart from their neighbors.  

And, why not use bright primary colors to paint the home's wooden shutters with or even the front door in?  When a homeowner is in love with fun colors like orange, which are known to be inviting, it is only natural for them to want to extend the look to the outside of their home.  What I find uniquely surprising is how quaint the homes accented in bold color trim paints looked next to their neighbor's home.  What I found more interesting is how emptied and boring their neighbor's house looked , after choosing to use neutral tones like eggshell, black, white, or beige.  Just because the paint is beige, does not necessarily means it is going to look great from the road.  Quite the opposite of that really..., bland color schemes usually look uninviting, dirty, and dull.

Go From Bland To Bam!

Make A Bold Front Door

A Dedication to Pierre Claveirole
Credit: Sophie and Cie, Photo taken by Biscotte @ Flickr

Learning ways to change a home's color palette from boring to exciting is surprisingly easy.

Using Bold Colors For Great Curb Appeal

Start by Using A Pinterest Board

One essential element to having a keen eye, is knowing what colours look good with one another.  Whether you have decided just to paint a front door and change the shutter color, knowing what tones what best together.  It really does makes all the difference in the world, when it comes to home appraisals.  Therefore, for your convenience, included in this article are exterior paint color samples in the form of a DIY exterior trim Pinterest board.  Which was specifically designed for all!Infobarrel reader.  Reading my helpful tips to selecting the best and boldest color tones is one thing, but, being able to see how it does make a difference is the star factor!  I wanted to be sure that I made this DIY article different from the rest of them. 

Three Quick Tips

Start Small and Keep it Simple

  1. There are so many great exterior spray paints on the market today. Why not just start buying a can of spray paint in the bold color you are considering.  Spray paint comes in about every color imaginable these days.  Whether your color choice is burnt copper, mustard yellow, or turquoise blue..., spray paint an old wooden bench or chair first, and think on it for a day or two.  
  2. If you have some old flower pots lying around, spray paint one or two, and set them outside on your front porch. If you like the color well enough, try starting off slowly by purchasing a quart of latex exterior paint.  
  3. The next time you have a little extra time on your hands, roller brush your bold color choice, onto your front door.  A quart of paint, angled trim brush, and a smooth roller brush and tray can be purchased for less than $30 dollars.  On average a good exterior trim paint will cover approximately a 100 square feet, which is a 10' x 10' area.  After applying the 2nd coat of paint to the door, you may have enough paint to a planter box or porch swing. 

Waverly Table Clothes Turned To Curb Appeal

Waverly Tablecloth
Credit: Slimages by Macys1

Easy Economical Ways of Adding Needed Curb Appeal Can Be Found In Your Neighbors Backyard!

Believe it or not but neighborhood garage sales are a great place to pick up brightly colored tablecloths.  People often throw tablecloths out after a season or two of use.  

Easy Economical Ways of Adding Hints of Color

Tips and Tricks Seen From The Roadway

  • There are quite a few economical ways to add splashes of color to the exterior of your home.  One easy way is by adding weather resistant, seat cushions to lawn chairs.  For pennies on the dollar, someone could cover a pair of seat cushions in the same time frame that it takes to watch a movie.  
  • Another inexpensive way to add color to your home is by, painting the porch floor a bold new color. If you have painted your front door a mustard yellow, try painting your porch floor a brick red, navy blue, or kelly green.  If you want to used raspberry paint tones, stain your front door a crimson red or orange.
  • Do you have a wooden, stand-alone, archway? Go ahead and paint the freestanding unit a bright fun color like hunter's orange, lime green, or royal blue.
  • Have some windows in need of paint? Paint the sashes a raspberry, green apple, or peach color. Burnt orange, candy apple red, and mustard yellow, also are fabulous and bright colors, which work great for exterior accenting trim colors. Any of these neat colors look outstanding up against a clay painted on color, gray wood stain, or white vinyl siding.
  • Not only can a homeowner paint their house trimmings a deep rich, splash of their favorite color, they can also plant wild flowers, tulips, or poppies around the basin of an oak tree, too enhance their new changes.  While some flowers can be expensive, a seed pack of wildflowers or poppies can be purchased for less than a dollar, and a bag of tulips for less than $5 dollars.  If the house is located in a warm climate, plant an orange or lemon tree in the front yard. These are easy ways, to add color to exterior parts of a house- in a really fun way.

Paint An Outdoor Lantern

Exterior Lighting Adds So Much To Curb Appeal

Repurposed Porch Light
Credit: Chasethestar Blog

Adding color to the outside of a house, really does make all the difference in the world, while adding needed value to your home.  

  • Recommended Google search for the "Chase The Star Blog"
 Blogger Barbara has created one of the best DIY project blogs on the Internet.  There are many fun and super easy ideas, which can equal money in the bank.  Check out this fun website.

Making A Good Investment

Fresh coats of paint, manicured lawns, and eye catching accents can make upwards to $10,000 dollar difference, whenever you are looking to sell your home.  I cannot imagine doing any work of any kind, on the exterior of my home, and not be able to see all the hard work at night.  Whether a homeowner adds a dusk to dawn light or two outside corner flood lights, indirect lighting does so much to approve the curb appeal of a home.  

Do Not Have Time To Shop???

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Combining Bold Primary Colors Together

Pick Your Favorite Color Combo

On the DIY exterior trim pinterest board, are several different color schemes and enamel paint samples. Sometimes people just need a little extra encouragement and assurance, before making a design change of any kind. I have put together some fun, bold, and unique color combinations, which I think work great for freshening up a home's exterior, while also increasing its curb appeal and value.  If you have a favorite color start there.  That's the first step.  To help you in this endeavor know if a color combination works well together, below are some color schemes that are always popular to use, and will still look fantastic a decade from now.

Purple, Hazel brown, and brick red
White, Black, and Candyapple red
Brick red, beige, black and mustard yellow.
Spruce green, cream and red.
Brown, Tourquise blue, and white.