The world is a chaotic place. Everywhere you go, you see people coming in and out of stores, you hear cars and other vehicles honking their horns, and you can practically feel adrenaline coursing through everyone’s veins, while he or she struggles to make each minute of the day count. No matter how much you may want to change this state of things, it is not quite feasible to do so. It is the outside world after all. You have no direct control on what goes on in it.


However, there is one corner of the planet where you can exercise absolute power over – your home. If you wish, you can definitely make it more peaceful than the outside milieu. Here are a few tips to do so:


  1. 1.       Choose the best type of flooring material.


Flooring gives an individual one of the first impressions about the comfort a certain area of the house can provide. Tiles may feel sanitary but are cold and hard, while carpets provide a soft feeling yet they can seem artificial and unsanitary. Hardwood floors, on the other hand, are the perfect compromise. They project an organic and clean feel that is softer than tile floors. You can also add throw rugs to further soften a room’s feel.


  1. 2.       Pick a relaxing room color.


Painting a room with a relaxing color does wonders. The three most relaxing colors for a living area, for example, are neutral colors like sandy or off white, mint green and antique olive, and twilight and baby blues. Painting might take some effort on your part, but the results are definitely worth it.


  1. 3.       Design room settings that promote relaxation.


When choosing furnishings, a normal person would obviously go for the biggest and softest chairs, sofas, and beds to promote comfort and tranquility. While these really do contribute to relaxation, it is important not to neglect simple furnishings. Accessories like hat, coat, and shoe racks, as well as book shelves, help to organize things and give a comforting feel to a home.


  1. 4.       Install water accessories.


Running water is thought to lend a sense of calmness and a sense of peace to the surroundings. Install an artificial rock waterfall or a water fountain in your home, and let the good vibes roll in.


  1. 5.       Make your own meditation garden.


This does not have to be a “full-blown” garden. A small spot with some aromatic trees or flowers and even a small sculpture will do. Throw in some soothing wind chimes, and there you have it—a low-maintenance meditation garden.


  1. 6.       Eliminate clutter.


Seems the most obvious answer right? Yet a lot of people often forget this. Get rid of all the junk and take salvageable items to a local charity. You can even have a garage sale and make money.


  1. 7.       Make your entryway welcoming.


A wreath or a welcome sign in the entryway can go a long way towards setting your mood for the rest of the day. For a good measure, you can also add a bouquet of your favorite flowers to help lighten your mood.


Make your little pocket of the universe as calm and relaxing as possible. It does not necessarily have to involve lots of money. With a few tweaks and additions, you can definitely turn your hectic home into a Zen heaven.