When living in an apartment it is always hard to find much needed space and asthetic storage options to keep everything stored away.

Our spare rooms become the dumping ground for our, or the kids toys, the cupboards shelves are filled to over flowing and all the winter clothes take up an abundant amount of room. The photo boxes and old photo albums get piled up on the shelves and the bath room cabinets are like a TETRIX® game to make everything fit. The kitchen cupboards are brimming and the door is shut quickly to stop the tupperware falling out and you hope no one looks under your bed as feng shui does not exist here; there is no flow of energy under the bed, as nothing else could be squeezed under there.

How can you arrange your processions in a more useable way? Here are a few tips on helping to utilise space in a more desirable design.


1)      Every time you want to wear a necklace do you need 20 minutes to untangle it from your other beautiful charms? Do you need to empty your jewellery box on your bed to find that bracelet you know will work perfectly with that outfit you have in mind?

How about changing the style of storage you have for your prized processions, your fun costume jewellery and all of your bling.

Most bathrooms these days are tiled from floor to ceiling, and this wall space is not utilised. Buy a large pack of stick on hooks and make a collage out of your jewellery. Not only does it catch the eye of anyone using your bathroom as a beautiful display, but when you are looking for that piece it is easy to find, it hasn’t entangled itself amongst your other chains and you may even find that there are precious stones you have forgotten you own.

Jewellery Storage

Jewellery Storage(79768)

Hand bags

2)      Where do you store your hand bags? Do you find the handles get bent, and a forgotten treasure gets pulled out but it is covered in dust? Wouldn’t you love to be able to see your handbags and have easy access to that clutch or purse? Isn’t it nice just to be able to admire all the purses and know what you have to take on a girls night out?

Many wardrobes doors are on hinges and the inside of the door is rarely used – maybe a mirror hangs here, though not much else. By using plastic stick on hooks you can arrange your hand bags on the inside of your wardrobe door, so that when you are choosing your outfit, you can pick the right hand bag to match.

Handbag storage

Handbag storage

Scarves & hats

3)      On the other side of the wardrobe door to accompany the hand bags, an array of hats and scarves hang elegantly, reminding you of all your accessories you have picked up on your shopping sprees, travels and market days. Having your accessories at your finger tips and such a visual display makes putting a fabulous outfit together an enjoyable experience.

Scarves & hats storage

Scarves & hats storage

Have fun and arrange your accessories not just for user friendliness but an artistic display of your stored treasures!