Smokey Eye – Eye Make Up Tips

Smokey Eye - Eye Make Up Tips

The smokey eye look is all the rage these days since it is a sophisticated, dramatic and sexy look which many celebrities are using and that anyone can do with their own makeup. A smokey eye look really helps to make the eyes pop and get noticed and is easy to do once a few simple steps are learned and improved with practice. A smokey eye draws the attention to the eyes and can help to open the eyes and make the whole face look sexy for a night on the town or a holiday party or even a romantic evening at home! Let's begin how to get a smokey eye – eye make up tips.

  • Wash your face – always begin any make up application with clean, soft and smooth skin (after washing your hands) which allows the makeup to go on more smoothly and evenly. Use a daily cleanser to remove all dirt, debris and old makeup followed by a toner to return the ph to normal and prepare the skin for moisturizer and follow with a moisturizer meant specifically for your skin type.
  • Eye Cream – apply a daily eye cream that helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, crow's feet, dark eye circles and puffy eyes. Apply just a dab on the ring finger and gently tap all over the entire eye area including the eyelid, eyelids, under the eyes and along the sides of eyes with a gently and firm tapping motion. Allow eye creams to penetrate and absorb completely before proceeding with eye makeup.
  • Foundation – apply a few drops of foundation to the fingertips and dab a drop onto the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Use a foundation sponge to gently smooth the foundation all over the face, including the eyelids and under eye area until well blended.
  • Eye shadow

– apply a dark purple, dark brown or dark navy eye shadow color to the lower eyelid area and blend completely so that a beginning or ending line is not visible.

- apply a lighter color of the same shade used on the lower lid in the crease or middle of the eyelid area and again blend well and into the darker shade of the lower eyelid area.

- apply a lighter highlighting color of eye shadow such as a cream, beige or very light pink to the eyelid area just below the eyebrow. Blend again so that no lines are visible.

- apply a thin layer of eye shadow color along the area just below the lower eyelashes and use an eye shadow brush to smudge until you have the desired effect.

* Eyeliner – apply a black eyeliner to the upper eyelid area just along the lashes. Keep the line even and apply a second coat of eyeliner for a more dramatic eye. Blend the line using a makeup sponge or cotton swab to smudge just a little. Repeat on the lower eye just below the eyelashes and not inside the eye.

Eyeliner Make up Tip: Use your cheek against the palm of hand if a steady hand is needed to keep the eyeliner in a straight line.

  • Curl Eyelashes – Use an eyelash curler holding on the eyelashes carefully and squeeze together until the eyelashes are curled. Repeat several times for more curl.
  • Smokey Eye Mascara – apply black mascara in two coats to the upper and lower eyelashes for a dramatic look to the eyes.

Mascara Tip: hold the mascara wand and press the palm area of the hand into your cheek to gain a steady hand. Start at the bottom of the lash and press upward and outwards to lengthen the eyelashes. Repeat several times until all the eyelashes are coated with mascara and you obtain the color you desire.

Finish the rest of your smokey eye makeup using a light and neutral blush, lip liner and neutral lipstick so that the focus is on the eyes. Buy makeup that is high quality and natural without chemicals, cheap fillers, animal by-products, fragrance and other irritants that hurt and burn the eyes and smears and won't last long.

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