If you think cigarette smoking is a hobby which is harmless, think again. It is a number one preventable cause of early death and morbidity. There are lots of people who think smoking is a style factor, but there is nothing more hazardous that can affect your health. Smoking not only affects you, but is also dangerous for the people who are near you. It can affect your children's health and can cause serious health problems as their lungs and other organs are developing. AMA (American Lung and Heart Associations) and American Cancer Society have well documented these smoking facts.

A study on smoking has proved that about sixty percent of the smokers in the world have at least one serious sickness caused by smoking. The smoking of the cigarettes has been recognized as an important cause of premature mortality and preventable morbidity worldwide. Smoking is to blame for roughly one in five deaths in the United States. Smoking is responsible for eighty seven percent of lung cancer and causes most cases of chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

Among current smokers, the chronic lung disease accounts seventy three percent of the smoking - related conditions. Even between the smokers who have quit smoking, the chronic lung disease accounts fifty percent of the smoking - related conditions.

One of the biggest facts about smoking is that, it is the main factor for the coronary heart disease and also for stroke. Smoking will also cause variety of other disorders and health conditions, which includes slow healing of wounds, peptic ulcer disease and infertility.

In the year 2004, estimated 20.9 percent or 44.5 million adults were smokers. The yearly prevalence of smoking has declined forty percent between 1965 and 1990, but it has unchanged virtually thereafter.

The advertising of the Tobacco also plays a vital role in encouraging the youth to start a lifelong addiction to it. Approximately ninety percent of the smokers started smoking before the age of twenty one. In the year 2004, twenty two percent of the high school students were smokers and over eight percent of the middle school students were also smokers in the same year.

Some Second Hand Smoking Facts

The inhalation of the smoke from tobacco products or cigarettes is called second hand or passive smoking. Second hand smoking or the smoke which is inhaled by the non - smokers is also responsible for lung cancer. If you have decided not to smoke to and to live a healthy life, remember you have made the right choice. But you have to be conscious that the second-hand smoking is very harmful for your health. Yes, the studies on smoking have proved that the second hand type of smoking could be just as dangerous as active smoking.

Smoking causes a different type of cancer and it is only because of the carcinogenic substances which are present in the tobacco products. And once you burn it, the smoke which comes out from the tobacco products will contain the carcinogenic substances.

Constriction of the blood vessels is caused by the substances in smoke from the tobacco products. This will result in the diseases like peripheral vascular disease, stroke, heart attack, atherosclerosis and mainly heart disease. The study has proved that the second-hand smoking will increase the risk of raising the heart disease by twenty five to thirty percent.

The second hand smoking facts have proved that the passive smoking is more injurious than active smoking. Workplaces generally are going for smoke - free to afford clean indoor air and to protect the employees from the severe effects of the second-hand smoke. Nearly seventy percent of the workplace work under a smoke free policy. As the second hand smoke facts have proved it is also a major concern, we have to seriously think about it.

As the nicotine is an addictive drug, it will reach your brain immediately and the smokers will not only become addicted to nicotine physically but it will also link the smoking habit with many other social activities, which will make the smoking a difficult habit to break.

In the year 2003, an expected 45.9 million adults were addicted to smoke. Of the present 44.5 million regular smokers, more than thirty two million people reported they want to quit the smoking completely.

The nicotine replacement products like nicotine gum, nicotine patches and nicotine lozenges as well as the nicotine inhaler and nasal spray which are currently available in the store could help in relieving the smoking to an extend. The nicotine replacement therapies are also helpful in quitting the smoking behaviour. The second-hand smoking type could cause dementia and cognitive disease in adults who are fifty years old and above.

So we have to think about this important topic very seriously, as it is a matter of our future generations. So search for the various quit smoking facts which can help you to overcome this deadly habit. Once you have known all the facts on smoking, there is nothing that can stop you from keeping away this killer.