Smoking is Deadly, How Do You Stop Smoking?

Smoking is addictive and for most it is a long habit that is difficult to give up. Even with the best of intentions, it can be a real challenge to give up tobacco. There are people who have tried nicotine free tobacco in order to win themselves of their addiction. Did you know that every time you inhale nicotine, it only takes about 7 seconds to reach your brain?

Why is it so hard to stop smoking? Your personality has a lot to do with it. How strong is your desire to give up tobacco? The primary key in giving up smoking is will power. Furthermore, you need a reason. You need to look at the advantages of a smoke free life. Let us mention a few of these :

Money: Smoking is an expensive addiction. The money wasted could be put to better use. If you've been smoking for years, do the math and you will be surprise how much you could have saved.

Health: When you do finally give up smoking, you will feel healthier, cleaner, and have more energy. It will also be beneficial for members of your family who have had to endure passive smoking. This is especially true when children are involved. You will have better breath and avoid some vicious cancers that are commonly linked to smoking. You breath will smell better.

I am sure there are more reasons to give up smoking but the two mentioned above are very important. Furthermore, you might need to seek external help if you do lack the will power to give up smoking. This might be in the form of consulting your family doctor. There are people who have said nicotine patches can be helpful. There are disadvantages to using nicotine patches or other medications. Some people have experienced nauseas, depression, and other side effects. Most of those who have succeeded in giving up smoking said the secret is not about progressive withdrawal put to pick a date and just stop.

What to do if you feel anxious and have withdrawal syndromes?

Choose your friends carefully. If your friends are still smoking, there is a good chance that you might relapse. They might invite you to join them. Often, they will freely offer cigarettes. Smoking is sometimes a social event. Some people like to smoke when other smokers can join them.

Good daily exercise can be beneficial. Don't go crazy about this, just exercise on a regular basis.

Drinking sufficient water and fruit juices is also recommended.

Don't be put off if you suffer a relapse. Be determined to pick yourself up and try again. Smoking is an addiction that can be stopped. Many have and so can you.