Although the Smooth Fitness 7.35 Folding Treadmill is considered to be of 'gym like quality' -- it doesn't however come at extortionate 'gym like prices', hence making it an extremely popular and well regarded piece of fitness machinery. The 7.35 is powered by a pretty powerful 3.25 HP 'continuous drive commercial grade motor', that allows a user to access a speed range between 0.5 miles per hour to that of a top speed of 12 miles per hour, all rather effortlessly -- hence you can expect smooth and responsive speed interchanges, all without the issue of excessive noise levels.

Smooth Fitness 7.35 Treadmill -- The Running Belt SpecificationsSmooth Fitness 7.35 Folding Treadmill ReviewCredit: -- Smooth

The Smooth Fitness 7.35 treadmill offers you a huge 20 inch (width) by 62 inch (length) running belt -- which truly is ample amount of room that can pretty much accommodate any user going full speed a head and still feel safe and secure. A 62 inch length -- really is long! Ideal for those with particularly long running strides. (Note: In the specifications, it is registered as supporting a max user weight of 350 pounds.)

The little piece of technology that I am fond of with the 7.35 -- is the unique Smooth Fitness 'Im-Pression Shock absorption Cushioning system' which effectively does two pretty great things: 1) It simulates on ground running conditions that you would experience outside, right there on the treadmill and 2) it acts to protect you from harming and stressing your joints through 'soft shock landing absorption '-- enabling you to go both further and faster as well as (probably more importantly) go 'safer', when compared to that of just a standard treadmill.

Smooth Fitness 7.35 Treadmill -- The Programming Console

The 7.35 is fitted out with an advanced LCD console -- displaying you with the standard read out data such as the time of the workout, the speed you are currently running at, the distance you have run (or have remaining), the current incline level (of which there are 15 levels), the estimated amount of calories you have burned (according to the input data of your weight, height etc) as well as your heart rate level (measured through a wireless, hence hands free, hear rate monitor).

Along with access to a huge 25 fitness programs as well as a manual program mode in which you can adjust to your own accord, then another 15 pre-set programs, 4 customisable programs and on top of that another 4 heart-rate controlling programs. Pretty.. Awesome! 

Moreover, the console incorporates a 'Deluxe Sound System' which enables you to play music aloud from your CD, iPod, MP3 player etc. through a jack-in point (input outlet).

Smooth Fitness 7.35 Treadmill -- Practicality & Safety & Additional Features

The 7.35 treadmill also has much to offer -- in regards to its practical features also. For example, the conveniently located drink holder, strong 'non-slip' handle bar frame, as well as a nicely situated fan to keep you nice and cool during a strenuous workout. However, no feature is quite as 'useful' as its (in the name) 'fold-up' ability -- which obviously has to score some serious brownie points in the space conscious aspect (unfolded dimensions -- L: 88 x W: 33 x H: 56 inches, folded dimensions -- L: 44 x W: 33 x H: 56 inches).

Smooth Fitness 7.35 -- The Pricing & Warranty

You will find that the 7.35 treadmill can be bought at around the $1300 mark (making it, marginally, one of the more expensive treadmills in the Smooth Fitness range) -- and when compared to the 5.65 Treadmill (around the $900 mark) and 6.35 Treadmill  (around the $1100 mark) models, you can't help but get past the fact for just an extra $400 or $200 respectively, you are getting a hella' lot more value for your money. A faster motor, a more stable treadmill, a larger running table, more fitness programs etc. (the list goes on).

Moreover, when bought new -- you are backed by one of the best warranty packages in the entire treadmill market -- an entire Lifetime warranty on the frame of the treadmill and the 3.25 HP motor, a 7 year warranty on the parts and electronics of the treadmill and then another 2 year service warranty. Doesn't really get any better than that, to be honest.

My Verdict & Customer Reviews and Opinions of the 7.35 Treadmill

There is no getting past it, this is a truly fantastic treadmill that offers incredible bang for your buck. It is very easy to end up paying a lot more for a different treadmill and get a whole lot less in terms of features, aspects and overall experience etc., when you are comparing it to the 7.35. The treadmill is suitable for the beginner level, however I would say it was more aimed towards the intermediate and advanced level runners in fairness.

However, please don't just take my word for it. There are numerous 5 Star reviews to be found ( -- checking (as of 27/09/2012) out of 64 reviews, 56 of them are either 5 Star or 4 star, scoring a total of 4.4 out of 5) which are literally covering it in praise. For example, " I am very satisfied with the product, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering the purchase of a quality treadmill." and "I am very happy with the Smooth Fitness 7.35. I am a 270 marathoning clydesdale and it works great for me." sum up the general feeling towards the treadmill rather nicely.

If you are unsure of a particular aspect of the Smooth Fitness 7.35 Folding Treadmill review or regarding the actual Treadmill model itself -- whether it be the technical specifications/features etc. or even just the general feel of it -- please feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments section and I will try and get back to you as soon as possible (that you should be able to find just below) -- also feel free to add any potential concerns, general remarks or experiences you have had regarding the 7.35 treadmill in the comments section too.