Alternative Breakfast

Smoothies For Health

It’s a lot of work for your body to constantly be processing and digesting whole foods.  One of the benefits of liquids is that your body can rest.  When you make a smoothie, the food has already been broken down and this allows your body to focus on simply receiving the nutrients it needs rather than having to exert itself to breakdown food.

 Here is the smoothie I have each morning. 

  • One or two raw eggs.  Now be sure to get eggs that have been well taken care of.  Countries like Japan take great care of their eggs and it is common to eat them raw.  Do your research.  I add one egg usually, but if my muscles feel sore from the day before, I add an extra egg.
  • A whole banana
  • A handful of blueberries
  • Pour in milk or juice.  You can use fruit juice or vegetable juice.
  • A squeeze of honey
  • Raw oatmeal


Purple Smoothie

Delicious Purple Smoothie!

This is a super healthy way to start the day.  It is full of fiber, protein, and vitamins.  Honey has been shown to aid in post exercise recovery.  Sometimes I add some spinach leaves.  If you just put the leaves in and not the stalks, it hardly affects the taste at all.  

 This will give you a lot of energy as you start your day.  Having a heavy breakfast can lead you to feel bloated and weighed down.  Avoid the drive thru of death.  Whether it is whole foods or drinks, drive thrus are often trouble for your diet.  Many people stop off for a coffee drink full of milk and sugar.  Although this is a liquid, it is not easy on the stomach.  The sugar will give you an immediate rush of energy only to lead you to crash later on.  The caffeine will call upon your reserve energy as if your body was using it’s adrenal storage as used in emergencies, leaving you totally depleted later on causing you to desire yet another caffeine fix.  The heavy creams and milks put into these drinks will make you feel tired and sluggish because they are heavy.

On the other hand, Fruit, fiber, and protein as outlined in the example smoothie above will give you sustained energy.  You will not have strange cravings, you will not feel sluggish, you will have a stabilized energy level, and you will be more productive.  Eating healthy allows your brain to function more clearly.  In addition, you will perform better because you have more self confidence.  Taking care of your body in a positive way means you care about yourself and when you care about yourself, you care about doing a good job.

Make sure that you only make smoothies that you enjoy.  Taste is so important.  You can use the above smoothie as a starting point and then add and subtract things based on your taste preferences.  Make sure you are excited to drink it and that you love the taste.  That is so important.  People often take on diets that are not delicious.  That is unsustainable and there is no reason for it.  If you like avocados but not bananas, swap them out.  If you like strawberries but not blueberries, swap them out.  Use raw foods.  Nothing processed.  Find that smoothie that excites you and you’ll not only be looking better and feeling better, but you’ll be performing better as well.