The burning of herbs for spiritual, psychic and emotional purification is common in many religious, healing and spiritual traditions as far back as the middle ages. Smudging is effective for before you perform a ritual or ceremony emotional matters, work space, spiritually and cleansing the entire house. Smudging is using the smoke of herbs to cleanse a person, space, and objects.

To make it, you will need:

-cotton sting

-sage for repelling demons and getting rid of negative energy and influences, protection
-mugwort to stimulate awareness, dreams, and a strong cleanser for negative energy
-rosemary for memory and protection, exorcism, purification, youth.
-lavender to create peace
-rose to attract loving energy.
-angelica root for protection by creating a barrier against negative energy, and exorcism.
-basil for attracting love and wealth, also for purification baths and protection when sprinkled on the floor.
-bay leaves for ward off evil and exorcism.
-blessed thistle for protection, hex-breaking, removes unwanted influences and malevolent intent.
-catnip increases psychic bong with animals.
-chamomile to protect from the evil eye and breaking curses.
-cloves for protection, exorcism, repel negative energies, good luck, love, money.
-hibiscus flower for dreams
-holly leaf for dreams, keeping away unwanted entities, powerful protection.
-st. john's wort for happiness and exorcism.

*Use can mix herbs in any way you like. *

1. Take the plants and put them together

2. Take the cotton string and wind it tightly around the plant starting from the stem up.

3. When you are done, place it in on a newspaper or hang it upside outside in sunlight to dry. This may take a few days to a week.

4. Bless or pray to the plant your intentions.

5. Light the smudge stick using the flame of a white candle.

6. When there is a flame, blow or wave out the flame so the stick is smoldering.

Yourself or Another:
ONE WAY: Start from the ground, swirling the stick counterclockwise to remove negative energy.
ANOTHER WAY: Use a stroking motion and see that all negativity lifting away.

*Some like to repeat the intention over and over throughout the process.*

Room or Space:
You may walk around the room, paying attention to corners, windows, behind doors, closets, chairs and bed, walk counterclockwise to remove negativity.

You may use a large feather to fan the smoke throughout the room.

Fan the smoke over the person's chakras by hand or with feathers or directly smudge it with the stick.

Crystal or Objects:
Hold the object in the smoke or fan smoke over the object.

You may put it in a fireproof dish for it to burn out completely or you may stick in into the earth.