The Smurfs are tiny blue characters that live in a village made of mushroom houses. The village is hidden in the forest. A Smurfs Halloween costume has become a favorite idea for Halloween. The Smurfs have become popular once again due to a movie release and the reintroduction of all kinds of merchandise including Smurfs Halloween costume.

There are many characters that live in the village. The most well known of the Smurfs are Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy Smurf, Baby Smurf, and Gargamel along with Hefty, Cobbler, Barber, Jockey, Clumsy, Chef and more. They are pretty much named to account for their personality, jobs or looks. You can choose any one of the cute blue little people for your choice in a Smurfs Halloween costume. The characters are appealing to both kids and adults alike. You can find Smurfs Halloween costume ideas in a various range of sizes from children to adult.

The thing about the Smurfs is that they are instantly recognizable characters. If you choose a Smurf costume for your Halloween costume party, you will be a hit of the party. The popular movie and cartoon characters have been around for a few generations so they are popular for both kids and adults.

A Smurfs Halloween costume can be purchased both online and in stores. Another suggestion is to make your own Smurf costume as it is a simple creation of white and blue clothing such as sweatshirts. If you want to make a Smurf outfit, you can easily find a picture online and create your own. It is very basic outfit. Add a few accessories and you have an easy to make Smurfs Halloween costume.

Another suggestion for a Smurf Halloween costume is to get together with friends or family and create a group of Smurfs. Go to the Halloween party together and you will get plenty of attention. Everyone can guess which character each one of you are representing.

Papa Smurf Halloween Costume

Papa Smurf is the official head of the Smurfs. He serves as the leader, and serves as a paternal figurehead that all the village people usually go to when they need guidance. Papa Smurf is concerned with the well being of all the villagers and wants to make sure that harmony abounds in the village. His responsibilities are geared towards making sure all the Smurfs get along with each other.

Papa Smurf is one of the favorite Smurf Halloween costume ideas.  If you want to wear a Papa Smurf costume, you have to include a white beard as he is one of the oldest Smurfs at over 540 years old. He also likes to play around with chemical experiments so if you are choosing a Papa Smurf costume for Halloween, I suggest adding some props to the outfit such as eye protectors or test tube equipment.

Papa Smurf is more recognizable because he wears red pants and a red hat so he tends to stand out amongst the other Smurf figures.

Smurfette Halloween Costume

Smurfette is one of the rare females in the village. Smurfette has long blonde wavy hair, long eyelashes, and wears a white dress and white high heels. All the boys love Smurfette.

Most girls choose to be Smurfette for Halloween rather than one of the other characters. Little girls love to wear wigs and dressing up as Smurfette will give her the opportunity to dress up and wear a blond Halloween wig.

Brainy Smurf Halloween Costume

Brainy Smurf is the official know it all of the Smurf Village or at least he thinks he is. This is one of the best Smurfs Halloween costume choices. If you want to be an authentic Brainy Smurf for Halloween the part has to be played out. Brainy is very arrogant and lectures all the other Smurfs on things. He wears glasses with very thick lenses and can be seen carrying around a book. Brainy Smurf like to quote books and use big words.

Baby Smurf Halloween Costume

It is always fun to dress up an infant in a Halloween costume. What better idea would be other than to dress up baby as Baby Smurf?

Your baby dressed as baby Smurf would be adorable. Even though infants don’t understand the idea of Halloween like older children do, it is still fun to dress baby up and take pictures in order to create memories for years to come.

Gargamel Halloween Costume

Gargamel is the arch enemy of the Smurfs. He is an evil wizard that is always trying to capture Smurfs.

One clever Smurf costume idea is for a couple to pair up as one of the Smurfs that have been captured by the evil character of Gargamel.

Whatever Smurfs Halloween costume you decide to use, you will be sure to have one Smurfy Halloween.