With an event as special as a wedding, anyone wants to make it as beautiful as possible and just what they want! Decorations play a huge role in making a wedding both memorable, as well as the dream environment of the Bride. I'm sure we'd all love to have a limitless budget when planning our weddings, but the truth is-traditions have changed and money is tight for most people, leaving the bride and groom to foot the bill along with a small-scale budget.

Through the planning of my own wedding I have come across a few tricks and tips when it comes to saving money on wedding decorations, all of which are helping me save money and I am still creating the wedding theme and atmosphere I have chosen!

One of the main tips I can give includes finding themed decorations in bulk-usually on clearance. The trick to this is saving up a much money as possible before a major holiday such as Christmas, Valentines day, 4th of July, etc. and buying decorations that go on sale right after the holiday passes! For examples, say you are planning a pink, red, or heart themed wedding-shopping for discounted Valentine's Day decorations could be your money-saver when it comes to decorations! All kinds of things like table clothes, napkins, plates, plastic ware, confetti, lights, decorations, candles, and candies can be found, in theme, at bottom-collar prices! If you are planning a red, white, and blue wedding-shopping after Independence Day could mean fun centerpieces in theme, as well as other various decorations. Lastly, Christmas, you can find goodies for all kinds of wedding themes/colors at this time of year-I am planning on purchasing a lot of christmas lights and candles for my outdoor tent wedding-it fits in with my theme, as well as my plan for decorating! My favorite idea is using christmas ornaments as decoration by placing various patterned glass balls in a large glass vase-you can find ornaments in pretty much any color of your wedding scheme-and after Christmas you will be able to find these ornaments discounted drastically!

Outside of the major holidays, it's always beneficial to look for end-of-season sales as well. If you know that you are going to have a spring wedding, catch a sale towards the beginning of summer! Or if you plan on having a winter wedding, snag some winter decorations around March or April. It's always best to give yourself plenty of time before the wedding day if you are on a tight budget, and with that extra time-you can cash in on simple tricks like this to keep your wedding gorgeous and low-budget!