When it comes to buying snake proof swamp boots, you need to make sure of four things: that the boots are water proof, made of real leather, lined with polyester and fake leather, and are lined to your knees. These are the four elements that make these boots warm, comfortable, and strong and layered enough to stop the longest rattlesnake fang from seeing it's way through. Here are some tips for buying snake proof swamp boots.

When buying a pair of these boots, you want to make sure that the boot says, "100% water proof" before you buy them. Most swamp boots are going to be used wild turkey hunting in the south, and keeping the snake fangs out won't do much good if your feet soak and get trench foot.

The second tip for buying snake proof swamp boots is to make sure that they are made from 100% percent real leather. One quick way to make sure that a boot is made from real leather is to see if you can stretch it with your hand. Real leather won't stretch.

The third tip for buying snake proof swamp boots is to make sure that they are lined boots, which makes your feet cooler, keeps out insects and other creature crawlers. It may take a while to find the right line boots, but you still want one that lines your lower leg without constricting blood circulation.

The fourth tip for buying snake proof swamp boots is to make sure they are lined with fake leather and polyester inside of the boot. The polyester and fake leather helps cool off your feet and is hard to bit through. The fake leather will also help your feet from getting to swollen and offers an extra layer against keeping your feet dry in case when stepping into the swamp.

These are serious products, and if you want any more proof, take a look at this other InfoBarrel author's article on the positives of snake proof boots, and before long it becomes clear that in some parts of the country these are a very big deal.