Snapper Snow Blowers

For those individuals who look forward to snowy seasons, and brag about the fact, to the dismay of neighbors, must surley have a snow blower in their storage sheds.

Snow blowers are cost-effective ways to quickly clear driveways and walk-ways with no effort, and time saved can be spent on kicking back in a chair by the warm fire. While not everyone will need to invest in a dual-stage snow blower, a good day shoveling will get most individuals looking into purchasing one.

To say the least, Snapper snow blowers are hard to pass up. Regional snow patterns and location of a walkway or driveway will dictate the kind of snow blower an individual will need to invest their money into.

These machines will completely change an individual’s mind about shoveling the driveway or walkway ever again. The Snapper snow blowers are such machines worthy of an investment.

The job of clearing driveways and walkways is now a pleasant thing to do during cold winter months. Most models sport metal chutes that allow for easy and wide expanse of snow to be moved out of the way.

The Brigg & Stratton engine gets the job done quickly, even though it is part of the assembling process for this snow blower. Electric user-friendly controls are smooth to operate in any chosen direction.

On the downside, the biggest complaint is that some Snapper blowers do not have heated hand grips or power steering. The upside is that the job is made quicker by the ease of the power torque, and the heated hand grips are hardly missed.

The maneuverability of the chute allows for the adjustment for crosswinds and it has some heavy duty cutters. These snow blowers are really not designed for small storage spaces because they are big heavy-duty snow blowing machines.

While storage may be a problem, the dual-stage snow blowers are worth their heavy-duty weight. This makes them a better candidate for the steeper grades and heavier snow drifts that cover lower ground areas.

The smaller versions of their counterparts are perfect for the smaller yards and flatter grade areas. Dual-stage snow blowers do have a more powerful engine that pours the power on when tested by steep inclines.

Dual-staged snow blowers are self-propelled with an impeller to help the auger throw snow well away from the path being cleared. Low maintenance is needed for these snow blowers and any replacement parts that are needed can be readily found at any Snapper dealer location.

For heavy-duty snow blowing jobs, the Snapper 10 horsepower snow blower can cut through the snow like a butter knife with a 30-inch cutting swath. This line of Snapper snow blowers sport a six speed gear system and a two speed reverse with a self-propelled system.

The bonus is that this snow blower model comes with an electric starter. The power turn feature uses a trigger release that makes 180 degree turns easy to accomplish. Perfect for hilly terrain, this snow blower is the line of Snapper snow blowers that are true workhorses.

The ability to blow out snow at a distance of 45 feet can make the difference in having to go back over a wider driveway.