Many teens feel that they are entitled to luxuries that they can't afford. Youngsters today are ignorant about how it hurts local business, which is a growing menace not only in the United States but around the world as well. What starts off as shoplifting basic goods and eatables can turn into serious crimes if the proper enforcement is not taken. As a result, it has led social community welfares and other individuals to discover effective tactics to stop youth shoplifting. Here are a few tactics that shop owners use.

One of the first steps is to not make suspicions too obvious. It is advised that store owners do not confront the probable shoplifters themselves as it can pose a risk of injury. However, by securing double locks on their main doors, they can trap the shoplifter inside till the authorities arrive. It has also been noticed that youths tend to gravitate towards alcohol, cigarettes and food. In order to get these items, they would rather go to the back of the store where it is harder to see the crime taking place. Store owners in such cases can send an attendant along with them to assist them in their purchase. As long as an attendant is present alongside them, there is nothing to worry about as in all likelihood; the shoplifter won't follow through with the crime.

Another set of strategies to stop youth shoplifting is to use dummy cartons and demo packs in place of the real items. In such cases, if a shoplifter is successful at grabbing an item, chances are that it is a useless dummy product. There are teen thieves that are pros at what they do. They do not carry out the crime alone and instead rely on their group to help them out. In such cases, one part of their group creates a commotion in one part of the store under the pretext of communal disapproval while the other part of the group is busy stealing. In such cases, store owners have become aware of the con and have installed security beams at the stores entrances and exits. If a person is carrying unbilled items walks out of the store, an alarm will go off and the store entrance will be sealed until the police arrive.

Certain old-school storeowners have less high-tech methods. As soon as they notice someone suspicious walk into the store, they remove their licensed revolver and place it on the table. This not only creates fear in the minds of the shoplifter but it has also helps to curb the total number of crimes.

If all precautions fail, serving up communal sentencing is the way to go. Shoplifting may not be a serious crime at first and hence if it is disrupted at the source, it can be prevented in the future. This can be done by encouraging youth to take up part time jobs and getting actively involved with the community. These appear to be simple ways to put an end to crimes but under a thicker blanket, it keeps their minds occupied on productive things. The more a community acts as a whole to put an end to shoplifting, the better will it be able to get youth back on track, rather than having to take up stealing.