This chronicles my experience so far with Snipsly (which some of you may be using or heard of): Snipsly is a pretty great microblogging site that really works well in what it is intended to do. It is for you to make short snips to share good sites with the world, or short snips of your thoughts and opinions on things that matter even if they don't matter to the world so long as they matter to you.

As of writing I do not have that much stuff on Snipsly yet, I only have about 17 snips although I do plan to add more in the future. Personally I have seen it ranking well in new as well as recently surfaced topics and events. It has a moderate start but quickly picks up pace and will eventually string a few hits along to your main pages, which makes it good if you are using it to string people over to your infobarrels! It has slowly climbed to about 20% of what I have over here at infobarrel in terms of people coming by. I guess I would have to do more to it to bring more over to my infobarrels!

How it Works: Basically you sign up and make an account, and then write a few sentences of at least a reasonable amount and then you can point it to your infobarrel, and post it up where it will be on the site immediately! The way it handles your cut of pay is the same as Infobarrel as well as a lot of other similar sites in which they rotate the identification code around to match the percentage distribution. You get about 80% of it but there are no bonuses. They also seem to hold the occasional contests, but it is in a very different format from the ones we are used to here!

If you need a good background site to point at your infobarrels, Snipsly is quite a decent choice. Its quick to make an account and post, it uses a pretty simple WP theme that may be familiar to bloggers. Some bad things may be that it doesn't seem possible to include pictures, although there may not really be a need as well. Another is the captcha that is required everytime you try to post, although that is probably needed to weed out all the bad stuff out there floating around and looking for any sort of weaknesses to exploit. It's main appeal is that it is short and sweet, and takes but a few minutes to get a new snip up and running. You could use it to strengthen your external structures.

If you are interested here are two of my snips that have been doing well. One of which is Starcraft 2 Apparel and the other is on sample inventory sheets. Of course the Pareto rule applies here and not everything is going to be a great hit so you would have to experiment around a bit. I'm really quite intrigued as to how well it will do in the future!