Character's Role: Snoop is a high-ranking lieutenant in the Marlo Stanfield drug organization and it is her together with Chris Partlow who commit almost all of the murders on Marlo's behalf. Snoop's proper name, Felicia Pearson (which is the same as the actor who plays her), is seen only briefly during the series and it is never spoken, instead it is revealed on the detective's post-it notes or documents.
Snoop is a cold hearted monster carrying out tens of murders together with Chris. She does not hesitate to kill anyone, including those within Marlo's own organization.

One of Snoop's most defining traits is her dialect and she's probably the most difficult character to understand in The Wire (and that is saying something as quite a few of the characters in The Wire speak in an incredibly convoluted slang).

She is also at times sexually ambiguous and in early scenes with Snoop, viewers may be confused as to whether she's a male or a female.

Actress: Felicia Pearson. Pearson was born in East Baltimore to 2 incarcerated drug addicts and entered the drug trade at a very young age instead of attending school. She was found guilty of second degree murder when she was 14 and served 6.5 years of two sequential eight year terms. Felicia became involved with The Wire after bumping into Michael Williams ("Omar Little") at a club and being invited to meet the directors.

Snoop The WireWhat Seasons: In seasons 3, 4, and 5.

Best Scene: Snoop's visit to a fictional Home Depot is the season 4 opening scene and is definitely one of the most hilarious scenes in The Wire.

My Favorite Line: "You earned that buck like a motherf*er, man." Snoop tells this to the imitation Home Depot store employee who she purchases a powder-action nail gun from. This is just about the only scene in which we see Snoop talking to someone who's not in the drug game and the entire scene is totally hilarious because the store employee thinks she is just your typical citizen buying a nail gun (we know better) and despite the fact that Snoop practically tells him that she is using the nail gun for murders she is carrying out, it is clear that the employee is only registering about 50% of what Snoop says (much like the viewers).

Best Foil or Rival: Unlike many characters in the show, Snoop doesn't have a true foil or rival. She has a partner in crime in Chris Partlow, but he is definitely more compliment than foil, and Snoop's interactions with people beyond Marlo and Chris are incredibly limited. She may be best foiled by Michael whose desire to know "why" he's doing what he is doing angers Snoop and is almost alien to her nature.

Analysis: Critics have cited Snoop as one of the most chilling characters in the show as she commits dozens of murders without pausing for question. Stephen King has said that she is "perhaps the most terrifying female villain to ever appear in a television series."