Snoring is a universal problem that affects not only the person suffering from the condition but also family members, friends and the person who sleeps besides him or her. While people may find it hard to find perfect snore cures, many are available and something or the other will work. Thankfully the condition while annoying, is easily cured. A variety of different cures are available and in the below paragraphs many of the effective cures will be explained in detail.

Snoring as a byproduct of obesity

There is no scientific method to prove 100% that one snores due to obesity. But one of the major factors in causing one to snore is obesity and the best part is one does not have to spend large amounts of money to find a cure. One can easily take up a sport or join a gym or simply jog in the park as long as ones weight reduces the snoring will also reduce. As an added bonus, one will attain a great body which will increase one’s body image and self confidence. It is also advisable to eat a minimum of two hours before going to bed to ensure that snoring is not caused due to undigested food.

Changing the position while sleeping to cure snoring

Different positions while sleeping will either increase or decrease ones snoring. This occurs because in different positions, the passage which allows air to pass will increase or reduce. Lying on ones back while sleeping is a great way to increase snoring since the air passage will be smaller. One can simply experiment to find the best position.

Causes of snoring in men - a man snoringAlternately one can make use of the various Anti-snore pillows in the market. These pillows will align one’s body in a specific direction to ensure that the largest possible air passage is formed, thus lowering snoring. These pillows come in a variety of costs and they are proven to work.

Snoring due to tiredness

Surprisingly many people of all ages snore because they are extremely tired. While the cause of tiredness such as excess work or tension may vary, the result is usually the same, snoring.

The only cure for this problem is adequate sleep. It is advisable to get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep a day. One can try the method for a week to see if any positive effects are felt.

Preventing snoring due to muscle relaxants

You may have wondered why after drinking alcohol such as wine or hard liquor, after swallowing a relaxant such as a pill to help one sleep one tends to snore. In truth all these substances contain muscle relaxants. When ingested they will prevent the muscles in the throat from performing their jobs efficiently. Thus they cannot keep the air passage completely open. This causes a smaller passage, high pressure as air passes through while causes different vibrations which are the snores that people here. Methods to stop snoring are:

  • Avoidance of any such compound
  • To ensure to eat a minimum of two hours before sleep
  • To drink in moderation, eat more while drinking
  • Switch drinks if possible to one while has a lower alcohol content.

Curing snores that occur due to Nasal Blocks

If ones nose is blocked or obstructed in any way, air will not be able to pass freely through the nose. This will lower the air passageway and thus cause snoring. A simple cure is to use nasal strips. They are cheap, effective, and efficient and can be found in any store.

Curing snoring which occurs due to blockage in the mouth or throat

If the snores are caused due to blockage of the throat or mouth, a breath right snore relief throat spray may prove useful. The spray while effective is a mild solution to the problem. But it is very affordable and can be used easily.

Equally effective is to use a throat or mouth blockage. Products such as snore no more mouthpiece or pretty much any similar snore guards can be used. These are available in different sizes to ensure a fit for everyone. The costly ones require the least maintenance while the cheaper ones require a lot of maintenance. They function by changing the alignment of the jaw to increase the size of the air passageway. Thus the snoring will be eliminated.

Finally if Nothing Works

Finally if no solution can be found or if one cannot afford to purchase the cure, a simple earplug such as snore calm foam ear plugs can be used to block out all noise thus providing a peaceful night’s sleep for everyone. They are usually available in many sizes and are cheap.