You should give consideration to what lies beneath the ocean waves if you find Hawaii's aerial views to be amazing. Can you imagine flowing with the peaceful Hawaiian currents to witness the exotic coral reef beds, sea turtles, beautifully colored fish and other undersea marine life?

If you are a beginner, there is no need to worry as a large number of excursion boats and resorts provide snorkeling gear and classes to those who have never snorkeled before. Lessons are not truly needed as you may find it rather simple to learn on your own, specifically when you are on the coastline doing it with everyone else. You'll find that you can rent equipment if you don't have any from one of the many activity stands and diving stores.

Oahu's Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve is the most widely enjoyed snorkeling point in the state. You will find dozens of inshore and reef fish along the waters, even when it is only waist-deep. Those who are new to snorkeling prefer remaining in the shallow inner bay, while snorkelers with more experience like to go through a passage that brings them to Witch's Brew and additional outer reef spots.

Two extremely popular snorkeling areas in Oahu are Queen's Beach and the North Shore's Shark's Cove, a lava-rimmed pool that contains rainbow-colored tropical fish.

An additionally renowned snorkeling point is the Molokini islet, which is a volcanic cinder-cone that is found approximately three miles away from Maui.

Molokini, which is only reachable by boat, is a partly submerged volcanic crater. Sharp vision offer clear observance of up to 150 ft deep; there are well over two hundred fifty distinct types of fish that populate these waters, some of which are unable to be found anywhere else. Molokini contains sparkling water and thriving sea life, including eels, rays, tropical fish, etc.

Other suggested snorkeling endeavors for Maui may be experienced at Hololua Beach, Kapalua Bay and Kaanapali's famous Black Rock.

Lanai Island is internationally acclaimed as one of the best snorkeling destinations. Visit the eastern regions and central points of Hulopoe Beach for the finest snorkeling experience.

There are many places for snorkeling at the Big Island. One of the finest snorkeling points of the islands is in Kealakekua, where the monument for Captain Cook can be found. Kealakekua has many sea turtles and dolphins, as it is an undersea marine sanctuary.

Some Snorkeling Advice:
Never go snorkeling in an area that has no other snorkelers or swimmers present. Stay away from any choppy, rough or murky waters. Keep your eyes out and beyond the waters intermittently, so as to retain your bearing. It is illegal to hassle or even interact with monk seals and green sea turtles since they are guarded by the Endangered Species Act.

Most of all, have fun!