If you are in the market for a new snow blower you might be feeling overwhelmed with all the choices. What you need is a snow blowers comparison to help you make the right choice to fill your needs.

There are so many different varieties available you first need to determine what you will need your snow blower for. Do you only have a small walkway that you will need to snowblow or are you looking to clear a large piece of land?

Do you want a snow blower for your own driveway or are you looking to start a side business clearing your neighbor’s properties too? Having this decision made will help to shorter the list of options that you have to choose from. Here is some snow blowers comparison to help you start the decision process.

Best Snow Blowers Comparison

If your snow blowing needs are light and you will only need the snow blower for a walk way, porch or desk area you won’t be disappointed with the Toro Power Shovel. This light weight and easy to use snow blower is inexpensive and can clear an area of up to twelve feet.

It will throw the snow up to twenty feet really clearing away the area. It can also be converted to a broom and used to clear leaves and other yard debris. It is well worth the cost when you only have a small snow area to clear.

Another option in the snow blowers comparison is the Toro Power Clear 210R. This snow blower is better for moderate snow coverage. It is gas powered, but unlike other snow blowers that are gas powered it is lightweight.

It comes with a two year warranty and has a clearing range of 21 inches. Again, it works best for moderate snow fall, so keep in mind this unit can only work on paved surfaces and will not clear snow deeper than eight inches.

It is newer to the snowblower market, but works well if used with the models specifications in mind. If you are not sure about the Toro Power Clear 210R, but know that you want snow blowers for moderate snow here is another option in the snow blowers comparison.

The Craftsman 88957 is a well priced snowblower that works on both paved and gravel surfaces. It has a 24 inch clearing space with a single hand operation function. This means that you can steer the machine with one hand and adjust he blower with the other.

It comes highly rated by many different consumer groups. Finally in this snow blower comparison we have the Troy-Built Storm 3090 XP. This snow blower is great for bigger snow blowing jobs.

This is a bulky and heavier snow blower than some of the other options in this review, but it gets the job done. It comes with heated hand grips, an electric push button starter, and power steering. It also has a powerful engine and a headlight. It can clear a lot of snow very quickly.