If you are looking for a unique party concession idea that will be great fun for kids and adults alike, renting a snow cone machine to produce professional-quality snow cones is a very good choice. Instead of serving the same old fare at your next occasion, kick it up a notch by offering a wide variety of colors and flavors on freshly shaved ice.

Simple Party Concession Idea

One of the best things about serving snow cones at your event is that the process is very simple and anyone can pick it up quickly, compared to other more complicated machines that you can rent. They are also light enough to easily pick up and move, so you won’t need a truck to get the machine to the party.

A typical machine is very easy to operate and it will only take a few minutes of practice before the servers are up to speed with the whole process. This makes it a great choice for events where the workers of the station will be rotating with each other, or when you just don’t want the added pressure of a complicated machine to run.

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On average they can produce one snowcone every 30 seconds or so, making it possible to fill a lot of orders with this premium concession idea. You can move even faster by having a dedicated person to add the flavored toppings at the same time to keep two cones in production at once. There is very little work to it at all - just load the ice into the machine and push a button to create the delicate ice shavings for the cones.

A snow cone machine is motorized but runs on a standard outlet, so any home or park outlet will do, and you can even use a generator if your party space is off the grid, but you will need to keep the ice cold, which could be harder in far off places. Besides power and an attendant to run the machine, the only thing required is a sturdy level table or counter to set it on and you’re in business.

Serving snow cones can be an effective fundraising idea as well. If you have a benefit, community event, or church function and want a fun way to generate donations from concessions, people will easily trade money for snow cones.

Delicious Party Treats

Snow cones are a great way to cool down on a hot day, making this an especially great idea for a summer event. These cool, refreshing treats will appeal to a wide range of people, and the many choices of flavoring syrup means that you can find a taste that will satisfy nearly any palette.

Flavor options include the most loved traditional shaved ice flavors like grape, cherry, lemon, lime, or blue raspberry. You can also be creative and make your own syrup for flavoring the ice by using concentrated juice or even Kool-Aid mixes. Anything that is sweet, refreshing and colorful will do.

A professional-grade snowcone maker does a great job of turning ice into a thirst-quenching treat in your favorite fruit flavors. The finely shaved ice holds onto the flavor wonderfully, and patrons will keep coming back for more.

Supplies Needed for Snow Cone Machine

To make sure you can serve these ice-cold treats efficiently, you will want to have enough serving cups on hand. The classic 6-ounce cups with the pointed tip are perfect for walking around at a park, family reunion or parade, and they are easy to find. Make sure you look for the kind made for snow cones with a dry wax coating on the inside so that they will hold the ice until it is completely enjoyed.

Syrup is also needed to drizzle over the freshly shaved ice, and you can locate a large range of ready-to-use syrup flavors online or from the rental company. As noted before, you can also get creative and make your own.

Many snow cone rental machines have a drain hole for the ice that melts, so a 5-gallon pail is a good idea to catch the water, especially if you will be indoors. In addition, a cooler to hold more ice is a must, unless you are near a freezer. A cooler is also a great way to store the syrup to keep it cold so that it will not hasten the melting process of the shaved ice. Your patrons will appreciate that as they will get to enjoy the snow cone for a longer stretch of time.

Fun and Tasty Treats

Snow cones are a colorful and fun way to enjoy a special event. It doesn’t matter if the guests will be young or old, or whether it is a private reunion or full-blown fundraiser. Renting a snow cone machine will create a delicious treat that everyone will enjoy.