There are many different designs of Precious Moments collectibles out there. From wedding themes to birthday and everything in between, there is something for everyone. One of the great collections that is fun for young and old alike is the Snow White Precious Moments.


The Disney Precious Moments line features many of the top characters that we have all fallen in love with over the years. The ones that are based on Snow White are just a small display of just what is available.


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The figurines that are outlined here are great for giving as a present. There are ones like the age and letter displays that help to mark milestones in one’s life. This makes a great gift for Disney fans and Precious Moments collectors.

Snow White Precious Moments
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Gathering Friends Together is a Wonderful Story Snow White Figurine

The figurine pictured above includes many great characters from the Disney telling of the Snow White tale. The image is that of a little girl dressed as the Princess telling a story to her toys. She has gathered her favorite dwarf toys around her for story time. The expression on her face will warm your heart and your house when you have it displayed for all to see.


Disney Off to Play We Go Figurine


This time the little girl dressed as Snow White is heading off to play with her toys. She has her little red wagon with her toys in it all ready to head out to play somewhere. One of the parts any fan of this tale will enjoy is the toy Dopey dwarf that is sitting in the cart.

Disney Precious Moments
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Snow White Precious Moments Riding Off to a Fairy Tale Ending

There is one scene in this classic movie where our princess gives Dopey a kiss as he heads off to work in the mines. This adorable statute combines a bit of this story line along with the idea of riding a horse to your fairy tale ending.


The rocking horse is white just like the horse that she eventually rides off to happily ever after in the movie on. She is sitting side saddle as she kisses her Dopey doll.


Precious Moments Doll Snow White


Precious Moments makes more then just the small figurines that we have already talked about. They create adorable porcelain dolls as well. This one is a holiday version of our princess. It is much larger then our other collectibles at 9 inches in height.


There are many great Snow White Precious Moments collectibles that you can choose to purchase. Whether shopping for yourself or as a gift, it is easy to choose the perfect show piece of this Disney character to display for friends and family to see. Ordering online is easy and you can have these delicate figurines shipped to your house with no problems in as little as a few days. So order yours today so that you can start sharing the joy that is Snow White with the people that you love!


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