Snow is so beautiful. Many people regard snow falling as an irritant that slows them down on there drive to work. I perceive only the beauty of snow. The glistening white crystals falling and collecting on the ground. As the snow fall increases so do my happy feelings. The first snow fall of the year always brings me feelings of joy.

Each snow flake looks like a piece of art when viewed under a magnifying glass. As a group the snow flakes meld themselves together and form awesome beauty as they whiten everything around.

The beauty of an evergreen tree dripped in pure white snow is a site to behold. If you are only use to seeing snow on TV then you will be amazed at the sheer beauty of snow.

Many people look at snow and see it as a hindrance to there life. It causes them extra work to shovel off the sidewalks and to clear the windshield of there car. I look at snow and see inspiration. The inspiring snow fall encourages another season to come. The season of winter. When bears hibernate and school children pray for a day off of school because of the snow fall.

Adults tend to see the dangerous conditions snow can cause and the irritations of it. Kids tend to see the fun of making a snow angel in freshly fallen snow. The joy of making a snow man and sticking an object in its face for nose and eyes. The outright fun making a snow fort can be. Too these people the last snowfall of the year is marked by uncertainty. They never truly know if it is the last snowfall of the year.

The haters of winter snow sense the last snowfall and look forward to the summer months when they no longer have to deal with snow.

As I sit here writing this on April 5th 2010 it is snowing hard outside. It is struggling violently to stick to the ground. The ground is trying to fight back and melt it off but the snow is falling too fast. Although the snow is winning this battle the snow and the ground are aware that this may be the last snowfall. The ground is certain this is the last snowfall. The ground can sens this is the last snowfall. As for me, I remain uncertain. I suspect this will be the last snow fall of the year but I do not know for sure.

As for the Snow haters go ahead and enjoy your summer activities. Grilling burgers outdoors in flip flops is just around the corner. I will be enjoying summer activities too. Unlike the snow haters I will be counting down the days until it snows again. I will be waiting in anticipation for some one to yell "It's snowing". At the moment I will smile and hop too the window like a young child. For I know the beauty of snow. I will occasionally cuss the winter conditions but never will I wish for them to go away. Yet every spring they do eventually go away, only to return with a vengeance in the winter.