image by Voyager from Wikipedia

Everyone has certainly noticed the way that snow boarding has been rising and rising in terms of popularity in late years. In the last ten years snow boarding has went from skateboarding on snow, to the Olympics quicker than you one can ever imagine.

First off, snow boarding began when the little known Sherman Poppen decided to nail kid's skis together in an effort to better their skating skills. This was just the start, as Sherman discovered the economic potential of this he decided to go about putting them into production. Millions of dollars and thousands of happy boarders after, Sherman will always be commemorated for bringing snowboarding to the masses.

The 1st official competition came about in 1982 and since then snowboarding has seen more and more contests take place. As the competitions began to spread, snow boarding changed from just a hobby to a professional sport that takes skill and agility in equal measure.

The biggest accomplishment for snow boarding occurred in 1998 when snowboarding got into the winter Olympics. Held in Nagano Japan, the sport was afforded more than its fair share of coverage. The sport was viewed by so many people that have never seen the sport beforehand. The sales of snowboarding and snowboarding gear was said to have risen by 47% following its appearance in the TVs of millions worldwide. As the amount of competition arose, and as the amount of boarders rose in more than equal measure the criteria within the sport became phenomenal. The sort of things that people are doing these days weren't even heard of ten years ago.

The rise in popularity of snowboarding hasn't just been a result of competition. It is also because it goes under the category of a fun, exciting sport and more significantly: a sport that can be done freestyle! Making appearances on television alongside motor cross, skateboarding, and skate boarding, snowboarding has also been helped by the personalities that have succeeded in the sport. The fact is that skiing does not have the cool look that snowboarding has. Surely you know what this means? The skier looks too rigid, and just does not have that relaxed, in control look that makes snowboarders a hundred times cooler.

All the same people, if you're really into skate boarding and you believe that its fun, then you really have not experienced any real fun yet. Do you know that feeling from skate boarding when you are coming down a road that has zero bumps? It's the fact that you feel like gliding through the air. That is what snowboarding is like each single step of the way and that's why a lot of people love it so much. If you ever choose to give it a shot then it is sure that you will do it time, after time again.