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From the moment I started snowboarding, I loved it. The weird thing was, I took pictures too.  No reason behind it, just wanted to take photos.

People joined me and together we took pictures of each other on rails and jumps falling like newbies. It hurt, but it was fun.

Snowboard Pictures

Snowboarding fascinated me from the beginning I heard about it. Moving down a hill on a board shaped aerodynamically propelled by weight and gravity.

My first hill was the bunny slopes. I am not afraid to admit it. Fortunately for me, my friend was with me and it was his first time snowboarding too and no one was taking pictures just yet.

We sat down on the slope looking at the children glide by and strapped up our Snow Boots. If you are a beginner to the slopes, check out Top 10 Pics For Snowboard Beginners.

Standing was the first challenge.

You would think that standing up while you were standing still would be easy, but it was not. My friend fell down first, at least I can say that. But I fell right after him so ...

We fell so many times that I can't actually count them so all I can do is say for how long we fell.

At least 10 minutes straight we fell. I wish I had padding.

Being happily married with a son I have no problems saying my backside hurt.

The ice-cold snow was a benefit. I couldn't feel a thing after a while. Between the snow and pain, it went away.

Standing Up, Finally

Standing was the easy part. At the time, standing was the most difficult thing I had done. Turns out, moving down the hill was harder.

Watching films of people snowboarding, it was supposed to come easy.

That did not happen. The board began to move and the worst possible thing happened, I fell. I had to get up all over again. Click here if you want information about snowboard beginners.

On a side note, my friend hit an eight year old so I was still in lead, you could say.

Jump(70166)Back on my feet after only seven minutes this time, the confidence came rushing to me.

My bindings had come undone, so tightening them gave me some feeling of empowerment.

As I started down the hill, I got excited.

Finally I was moving in the right direction. Other people were moving out of my way as I barreled down the hill. The wind was pushing off my goggles. It felt like nothing could stop me.

Boy was I right ... quite literally. The faster I went the more I realized I should slow down.

Until one moment it hit me, I can't stop!

Realizing that was the pinnacle of my journey so far. The only way I was going to stop was go off the side of the mountain or fall right then and there.

After the deed was done I was ready to try again.

The weird thing was, I did want to try again. But before I got up, I raised my head and at that time my body was sideways upside down. There, through the trees beside me, was a course of jumps.

That was moment my real fun began!

Making it to the lift at the bottom of hill consisted of snowboarding, sort of, and falling with an occasional roll.

After making it to the bottom of the bunny slope, the iron beast awaited me; The ski lift.

Fortunately, I made it on my first try.

The ride was pleasant and the conversation was pretty good with my friend who did beat me down the hill.

But I would enact my revenge at the top of the hill.

At the end of the lift, the slope trailed off the left. We both got off and moved down the slope. He actually fell trying to cut me off.

I may have stopped short but he'll never know.

Snowboarding Pictures

These pictures are not of myself but I wish they were. Either way, they are pretty impressive.

Jump 2

We went over to the jumps and stopped at the easiest run. With a camera in my pocket, my friend and I went to the first jump and set up.

I climbed back to the top and mustard enough courage to try.

After a deep breath, I got up and started down the hill.

It was scary as all get out. When I got to the bottom of the jump before the slope, they was a slight dip and I panicked a little. When I made it to the top I went flying over and landed on my head.

The picture was great. He got me in the air looking like I knew what I was doing. Check out thes Top 10 Tips For Snowboard Beginners.

He did not take a picture of me when I fell.

Jump 3Dusting myself off, I vowed then that I loved snowboarding. Don't ask me why.

I went back to the hotel that night and had to take a lot of medicine to just go to sleep.

Surprisingly enough, the next day I got up and could not wait to get back out unto the slope.

My friend and I went out early and the day seemed like a blur.

Each time I fell, I got back up with more determination than the time before.

After the third day came to an end, I didn't want to go. My friend will claim that he did better than I did, but I can say that I tried the black diamond.

Black Diamonds are runs that are the toughest the course has to offer.

Don't misunderstand me, I was never up for more than a second or two the way down, but I had the guts to go for it.

If my beginners experience could yield any sort of advice it would be this; Keep getting up because it only gets better.


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