Looking for holiday decor that has a subtle beauty and stands the test of time? Consider styling your home with snowflake decorations. Their shapes and patterns are both unique and consistently elegant, perfect as holiday trimming or as seasonal decor for the chilliest of months. Below you'll discover some of the most interesting snowflake decoration styles available, along with some smart tips on their usage around the home.

Snowflake Decorations: Patterned Art For The Winter Season

Club Pack of 24 Silver Splendor Glitter Snowflake Christmas OrnamentsThe holidays are often a time of big and bold decorations. Some families go for the gusto blinging out their homes with thousands of lights, animated outdoor decorations, brassy ornaments, and much more. But there are other families out there that prefer a softer touch for the holidays. For them, snowflake decorations are a prime choice.

Snowflake decorations are typically more subtle in their designs than many other Christmas decorations. In usage, they actually look like patterned works of art around the home, especially since it's rare that you decorate with only one. Just like real snowflakes, these decorations usually work in bunches, and the patterns they create can be truly inspiring around the holidays.

But why stop with Christmas? That's the added benefit of snowflake decorations - you can use them all winter long. Like snowman decorations, they are a more seasonal option than most other varieties of Christmas decorations. From November through February, these pieces of decor can bring a lovely winter coziness to your home.

Varieties of Snowflake Decorations

Just like the multitude of snowflake patterns in the wild, there are many types of snowflake decorations available, too. Most, as mentioned, are subtle and elegant in their design. It's a look that works perfectly across both traditional and modern homes - adding to its overall design style during the holidays instead of subtracting from it. 

To give you some ideas, here are some of the most popular varieties available:

Snowflake ornaments

Probably the go-to snowflake decoration for most people, snowflake ornaments are a great way to enliven the look of your Christmas tree in a classy way. They can be scattered about your tree with other ornament styles, or you can decorate with them as your sole ornament variety. Doing so can create a very elegant look, and you can opt for varying sizes and patterns to give your tree a lot of depth.

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Snowflake window decorations

If you're looking for snowflake decorations with a little more pop, window decorations are the choice for you. There are lighted snowflake silhouettes of all sorts of varieties and colors, and many are made for outdoor use, too. They are an excellent choice for publicly celebrating the season.

Snowflake paper decorations

Tissue Snowflakes(122530)Paper decorations are a fun (and inexpensive) choice for the season, and you can even make many at home as a family project! There are many intricate tissue snowflakes you can purchase which make for excellent temporary decorations for school or office parties.

For the do-it-yourself types, snowflake cutouts are a popular choice. There's lots of patterns you can follow using heavier card stock that are perfect for wall decorations and even tree ornaments. This is a terrific project to get the kids involved with - it'll bring the family together!

Snowflake wall stickers

There are few decorations during the holidays as versatile as wall stickers. They can be placed not only on your walls, but also on your windows and nearly any other surface around your home. Patterning a wall with multiple snowflake stickers is not only a nice seasonal touch, it's also pretty close to wall art that you wouldn't mind having around throughout the year.

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Snowflake garland (and confetti)

Snowflake patterns make for great seasonal garland that you can wrap around your tree or hang around your home. And snowflake confetti is a great touch for Christmas day. You can sprinkle some all about your holiday table (or among the presents under the tree) to make the moment feel really festive. Or the snowflake confetti can serve for great New Year's Eve confetti to help you ring in the New Year!

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Snowflake paper lanterns

Blue Snowflake Lantern

Like paper decorations, these can in a pinch add a lot of beauty to an office or school party, and do so with elegance. The paper lanterns themselves may be inexpensive, but the look they create is really quite appealing. They're also great to use around your home during the holidays, especially as accent decorations for bigger family gatherings and social events. 

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to snowflake decorations. There are many more styles out there that can help you create a winter home that feels both cozy and stylish. Don't be surprised that come springtime, you find them hard to take down! Their subtle beauty is very difficult to ignore.