Vermont Association of Snow Travelers

Vermont is among the most popular snowmobile holiday destinations in the eastern part of the United States. With a great amount of yearly snowfall, the weather condition in Vermont make snowmobiling and other winter sports and activities bring ideal conditions where vacationers and guests will delight in their winter hobbies. Another significant aspect that adds to the enjoyable winter experiences of guests is the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST) organization. This is a group that preserves much of the Vermont landscape to keep it suited for winter activities, particularly snowmobiling.

The VAST is a volunteer group of like-minded snow fans who systematically intend to make Vermont one of the premier winter holiday spots for nature lovers. Among their largest projects is to maintain and preserve the thousands of miles of twisting snowmobile trails that are usable throughout the state of Vermont. Making the trails smooth and safer for first-time and seasoned snowmobilers is one of their primary goals. They also try to lead the trails through the more scenic locations of the Vermont landscape by clearing trails and bringing down obstructions.

The VAST is a non-profit group of workers that exists principally from contributions and proceeds from the newsprint that they publish seven times each year. The group is also sustained through events including raffles and contributions, but the large majority of the work is handled by thousands of unpaid volunteers who merely want to pass on their enthusiasm for the wintertime weather. The have been dressing and maintaining trails in the Green Mountain State for the last 40 years and they mean to do it for a lot more years. With 40,000 members and growing, the VAST sponsors numerous charity, educational, and safety programs associated to snowmobiling and other wintertime activities. The group reaches to promote responsible snowmobile riding through legislative standards by working with the state and government agency.

With their home base in Berlin, Vermont, the VAST organization has aided to create over 140 local snowmobile clubs where enthusiasts assemble to discuss and experience their love of snowmobiling. With an average of between 100 inches to 250 inches of snow each year (depending on the region of the state), snowmobilers have perfect conditions and ample opportunities to savor their winter hobby. The season holds out from December (when hunting season ends) until mid-April, depending on the snow and atmospheric conditions.

Some other thing that the VAST organization does to promote and enable snowmobilers to vacation in Vermont is to talk terms with private land-owners so that their land could also be lawfully used for snowmobiling. They talk to the landowners and get access to their land so snowmobilers will have total access to Vermont's landscape, provided that they don't misuse the privileges that the private land-owners are gracefully opening to them. The use of private land is limited only to snowmobiles and only for wintertime months so the pristine nature of the landscape is not stirred up or disrupted.

Together with all of these opportunities that the VAST volunteer organization lays down for vacationers and Vermont residents, they also offer constantly updated info on their website. Before the day starts, snowmobilers can log on to and get wind of what the weather conditions are expected to be prior to even stepping out the door. Due to the efforts of the VAST members, Vermont has turn into one of the most popular places where snowmobilers from all over North America visit to fully experience the thrill and exhilaration that snowmobiling has to offer.


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