Snowmobile Decals & Sled Graphics: Signs Of Singularity

Few things make a more graphic identity statement than perfectly positioned decals on your snowmobile. In a world full of look-alikes, this art form can make your sled stand out like nothing else can. The very individuality that decals bring to your machine means that everyone can have the privilege of distinction without the attached cost. Just as tracks are the footprints of a sled, decals are the true fingerprints of a snowmobile.

Where To Go For Great Snowmobile Decals

Any sled accessories store worth its snow should be able to set you up with a decal kit, or do the job for you. There are literally dozens of online stores as well, that sell you decal kits that you can buy and use to cosmetically enhance your sled's image. Sites like Hotfrog dot com can lead you to the perfect store that has the exact decals that you're looking for, all from the cozy comfort of your own home. Sledwraps, the industry leader in snowmobile graphics and decals, will let you have a Ski-Doo or Polaris Decal Kit for $300, and for an additional $50, you can add your name and racing number. For classic decals from the 60's and 70's, visit Sledstuff dot com. They've got originalistic vintage decals for most snowmobile brands.

Discount Decals: One By One They Came To Conquer

If you'd rather do a mix and match decal design on your sled for a distinctive look that screams 'this is me', you're in luck. Many sites like Snowmobiles-forsale dot com will lead you to retailers that have just the stuff you might want. A 72-inch 'Team Arctic' decal will only set you back $33, and there are tons to pick from.

How To Fix Decals On Your Snowmobile: Wet…Set…Go

There are two techniques that you can use to apply decals onto your sled. The first and most commonly recommended method is the wet method. This involves applying a thin coat of water to clean panels, and then placing the decal on top. The big advantage of this is that you can re-position the sticker to align with other decals that you have or are going to put on. The water makes the adhesive dissolve slightly, giving you some room to 'wiggle' the decal to sit just right. In case you add too much water, don't worry, just peel the decal off, wipe off the excess water with a cloth, apply a blow-drier to activate the adhesive, and try it again. Just be careful not to melt the sticker. Once it's in place, starting in the middle of the decal, use your palm to flatten it and push the water out slowly using the side of your palm (just like they do in Tai Chi, but not as pantomimey). Once this is done, apply gentle heat until the decal has set properly, and remove the paper backing.

How To Fix Decals On Your Snowmobile: Dry…Apply…Fly

The second technique is a dry application method, and is recommended by Sledwraps for all of their decals. It's called 'the center hinge method'. First, wipe your panels clean and dry. Then position your decal and tape at the center of the panel, this being your hinge. Gently fold the decal back on itself and pull out the paper backing, cutting it as close to the hinge as possible. Carefully bring the decal back into position (without touching the adhesive – it is powerful stuff). Use a clean squeegee, overlapping straight up or down strokes. Remove the center tape and repeat the process for the other half.

Snowmobile Registration And Decals

When you register your snowmobile, you will get your number and a matching set of decals. Be sure to follow the instructions on placement and alignment. There may be minor variations between states, but all of them have a set of norms that you would be wise to follow.