Most of the major snowmobile brands offer snowmobiles for kids. So, let’s look at some of the models that are out there and try to figure out who has the best one for the best price. Then, you can think about getting your kid a snowmobile.

We’ll start with the Arctic Cat SNO PRO 120. This machine costs a little over $2,500. It has an engine shut-off switch in case something goes wrong. It also has a safety tether switch. These things are important because there will be a kid riding it.

It also comes with a safety flag so that other people can see the tiny thing. Also, it’s made by Arctic Cat so you know it’s going to be good. It is a 4-stroke which is amazing considering it’s for kids.

The Polaris 120 Assault costs about the same amount as the SNO PRO. It is also a 4-stroke. It is a lot like the Arctic cat, so you could pretty much just choose which color you liked more.

Polaris actually offers quite a few models for kids. Their prices range from about $2,500 to $12,000. Kids grow pretty fast, so I can’t imagine actually spending $12,000 on one. Still, since it’s probably one of the best snowmobiles for kids, let’s look at it.

The 800 RMK Assault 155 is quite a ride. It is made for the back country and has an 800cc engine. It might just be a 2-stroke, but that won’t slow it down too much. Pretty much, the RMK is an adult grade snowmobile that a kid can fit on.

So, if you have a child that wants to compete at the adult level, then this might be a good purchase for them. If they just want to ride around, then I would suggest getting something cheaper.

For instance, the 600 RMK 144 is only about $9,000. That’s a bit less than the Assault. It only has a 600cc engine, but that should be enough for most kids. When you are looking for snowmobiles for kids you need to ask yourself what kind of a kid you have.

If they are absolutely serious about snowmobiling, and want to make a career out of it, that’s one thing. If they are the type of kid that picks up a new interest every week, then maybe getting them the best product isn’t the best idea.

Also, it might be dangerous for them to have a snowmobile that can go too fast. These snowmobiles are marketed as youth snowmobiles not kid’s snowmobiles. You should make sure that your child is old enough to be riding on a snowmobile before you purchase them one.

No matter how athletic you think they are, you should be careful. Getting snowmobiles for kids can be a lot of fun. They can do all sorts of things out on the snow dunes if they have a snowmobile to ride around on.

Also, they will hone their abilities while they are young so that they will be better at it when they are older.