An underwater adventure for the whole family

Snuba diving is a relatively new underwater sport which is a cross between snorkeling and scuba diving, hence the name, Snuba diving.  It is a great activity for those who like to snorkel, but don't want to be subjected to the training, expense, and dangers of scuba diving.

Basically, Snuba diving is shallow water scuba diving.  Like scuba diving, the participant gets oxygen through a regulator.  But unlike scuba diving, the oxygen tank is not carried on the back of the diver.  In Snuba diving, the oxygen is delivered to the swimmer's tank through a 20 foot air line connected to a shared oxygen tank floating on a raft on the surface.  The air tank can be shared by two-four divers per raft.  The 20 foot air hose not only serves to provide the swimmer with oxygen, but also limits how deep or far the swimmer can go from the raft.  This prevents users from diving deep enough to encounter medical concerns such as decompression sickness, or "the bends".  It also prevents divers from inadvertently getting separated from their group.  The raft itself not only supports the weight of the shared oxygen tank, but can be used as a resting platform for the swimmers as well.

Snuba diving does not require participants to have certifications or previous experience.  It is available to children (over seven years old) and adults with basic swimming skills.  Participants are given a 15 minute training and safety course before entering the water.  Each group is also accompanied by a certified Snuba guide.

For children between the ages of four and eight years old who want to participate, there is a program called Snuba Doo available.  This program is essentially snorkeling with a regulator.  In this program, children are taught how to breath through child-sized regulators.  They are fitted with full buoyancy life vests that completely support them on the surface.  By using the regulators, the children can enjoy watching the underwater world without interruption for breathing breaks.

Snuba is a patented, licensed program only available at Snuba Recreation Centers.  Luckily, there are over 60 locations world wide.  Most locations offer "off the beach" or "off the boat" adventures, but some even offer cavern diving!

Snuba diving is an exciting, yet safe, activity for children, adults, and seniors alike.  It is a wonderful adventure that the whole family can experience together.