As this is my first official article on this stubbornly niched website by the name of InfoBarrel, I'm just now starting to get the hang of things, and hopefully clear up to many what this place is all about. So bear with me.

I joined this site earlier today in hopes of finding a quick and easy way to make an additional profit for my steadily increasing amount of personal expenses. But when Google AdSense told me they'd need time to verify me--Up to a week!--I arrived at a crossroads: 'Shall I wait for, and possibly forget in the meantime, InfoBarrel, in the name of making a buck, or stream my frustrations and inquiries into a

What now?

hopefully helpful and enjoyable article?'

As I lie here in bed at 1:02 AM, my bottle of 3mg Melatonin depleted to a pitiful 2 tablets, I have concluded that the latter would be the more productive of the two. And so here I write.

Right off the bat, such questions arise in my head that skate along the lines of, "I'm here, now what the heck do I write about?", and leave me feeling lesser-than in the face of the many talented, interesting, and knowledgeable people that call themselves internet bloggers.I understand that it takes all of those attributes to be able to write with the sufficient eloquence and flavor that the vast majority of the bloggers I read on a regular basis do; however, my immediate feelings are of animosity towards those who are gifted in the department of literary entertainment. But I digress.

So really, what is this place all about? How do you get people to read your articles; how do you come up with articles for people to read? If you have nothing to tell, no information to share, how on Earth will you ever make it in the dog-eat-dog community that is the World Wide Web?

As the many minimized windows of my browser reveal, the diversity of the topics discussed on this site is immense, from 10 Winter Driving Tips to 15 Facts About Bed Bugs to 3 Tips For Protecting Your Pink Laptop Computer. (And no, I didn't look past the first page of each category to find examples, thus explaining why there are numbers at the beginning of them all.) This tells me that you can write about just about anything and get read, because there is someone in this world who wants to know about just that very thing.

For instance, I already know that in the future I'll be writing about how to move from a rural area to a big city, because it's a subject matter I'm familiar with. I know I had questions about it when I was going through the experience, and therefore there will be others who do as well. If your specialty knowledge is in the field of teaching English I to high school freshmen, write an article about your experiences dealing with the delinquent in the back of the class that was always causing trouble. A distressed first-year professor could use that.

Or, if you own an Icecream Shop and you notice an increase in sales of your pistachio flavor during the summer months, tell the world. Someone will find it useful.

In short, it all goes back to the age-old saying, "We're all special in our own way", and so it goes to show here at InfoBarrel. Write about your mom, your dog, your hatred of your boss, anything; and in time you will begin to see an article in everything you do or know.

I hope this was of help to those who may need it, and I bid you ado for now. Happy blogging!