earn money online

here are many ways one can earn money on the net, from getting paid to write articles or to even get paid to read emails although i don't recommend joining these type of programs if your a beginner. As in most of my articles I suggest that a complete beginner will be better off learning the basics of Search Engine Optimization or SEO

If one wants to earn a living making money online then i can only suggest that you get yourself up to speed on how the Internet really works and forget about joining programs such as the ones mentioned.

I say this because of the fact that there are so many scam sites on the Internet that you can be easily tempted into joining these programs and have your hard earned money taken right from under you.

I recommend that you study the Internet and how things work before signing up to any program, for the complete beginner i suggest that joining a adsense revenue program such as Googles adsense pay per click program,this will give you a fair idea of how you can make money online and you will also learn SEO this is a good place to start without spending any money.

It totally depends on your own efforts to make any money,so if the shit hits the fan there's only one person you can blame. So therefore commitment and discipline is required. Sign up with a Goggle Adsense account and start earning money through pay per click Google will teach you all you need to know about SEO and more.

E-bay is also another option worth mentioning as they will give you a website for free, as a affiliate you can add as many products to your site as you wish, lets say that at the moment there is the latest mobile phone that Voda phone or Telecom has just brought on to the market and is in hot demand, and E-bay happens to have refurbished phones at a lower price.

Well then you could write a few articles on the product, put your articles on free articles sites with a link that E-bay will give you, that takes the user back to your E-bay store and purchases.You can see the principal is the same with any product you try to promote online to earn money. Make sure you join well known sites such as the ones mentioned, they are authority sites and have been around for a while and the last thing they want is to be known as are scam sites. I still must stress that implementing SEO to any money making method you choose you will gain much more exposure which means much more traffic and therefore …... well you know the rest of it.