I remember being a teenager in the mid to late nineties and after school each day I would head to the local Sears department store to work in the Hardware department. While I enjoyed the work somewhat, and made many great friends on the job, my fondest memory was every second Friday when I would go to Human resources and collect my paycheck. It wasn't the money that was so important to me, it was knowing the right after work I could head across the street to the music store and pick out a couple new CDs that I had my eye on. I think those two years added at least a couple hundred albums to my collection.

Today I still have many of those compact discs, along with another thousand or so I have picked up over the years. And while the joy of listening to music has not left me at all, the joy of getting a new compact disc has subsided a bit. The reason is quite simple; I am lacking a suitable CD storage option that can help me organize and keep all my albums in one place. However, this year I have decided to purchase an adequate rack, cabinet or something to hold all these discs and have settled on one of three types.

Probably my first choice would be a giant, freely rotating CD storage rack that holds somewhere around three-hundred discs. I would love to have about five of these items and would easily be able to find any album I am looking for. However my wife and I have a couple small children at home and I wouldn't want one of these monsters to get tipped over. Securing a tower to the wall is an option, but that would hinder the ability of it to rotate.

Another choice would be a CD storage cabinet that includes locking doors to keep little fingers out. I have seen some great looking solid wood cabinets online and the prices aren't that bad. Some stand as high as about six feet and can hold over a thousand different CDs. I also like the ability these cabinets have to be flexible enough with shelf placement to also store DVD or VHS movies.

Finally, I am also considering a collection of CD storage cases. These are generally designed for professional disc jockeys that have to move large amounts of music from event to event, but they would also work for my needs if I decide I don't want my music collection displayed in our entertainment room. However, I have found these cases can get very heavy very fast, and would be hard to look through easily.

I am still not one-hundred percent sure what kind of CD storage option I will choose, but I have to make decision quick, because the record store down the street is advertising a sale. Now when do I get paid again?