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So much candy, so few teeth what's a parent to do? Is a question a lot of parents are about to ask themselves. It's Halloween once again and the assault on our children's teeth, as well as the attack on our dental budget, is about to happen again.

Halloween comes only once a year and yet parents cringe, with the knowledge of the amount of candy that will be consumed by their children, within the coming days and weeks ahead.

They carefully choose the costume that will best achieve results with the neighbors. Bring in the booty, max out the Halloween possibilities. Each child will walk farther then they have in months on their journey to find the sugary treasures that so many offer up at this time of year.

Unfortunately for most parents, the neighbors won't be picking up the tab for dental work for our children. This is something that a lot of people struggle with and childhood dental problems are at an all time high.

Public awareness campaigns are under way and there is an all out effort, within the dental community, to encourage proper oral hygiene and reverse the statistics. Unfortunately this holiday reverses, much of the progress each year.

The first suggestion will be to barter for the booty. Find a non corrosive substitute that the kids like. Swap the bad for good. Nutritional snacks. Give them something that will build healthy habits that they enjoy. Searching a bit may be in order, but a compromise, can usually be found.

Set a reward and offer an exchange rate. Something like 5 candy bars for a trip to the movies, 3 chocolate ghosts for that video rental they want. This type of system shows them how to bargain, teaches commerce and the value of tangible items.

A system involving control over the amount of candy consumed each day, should be a minimum requirement to allowing the event to take place at all. Telling a child they can eat only two of the bag full of candy bars they already have is a difficult thing to pull off. Knowing this will be a condition ahead of time, will make the rule much easier to enforce.

Last, but never to be overlooked, the dentist. Annual visits to the dentist can be scheduled to correspond with the holiday. A good cleaning will certainly be in order and getting in a yearly routine with this, is a good idea for prevention reasons.

So much candy so few teeth, what's a parent to do, was written to remind us of the cost of neglecting to monitor the aftermath of this hallowed event.

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