There is a lot of preparation that must happen to become a rodeo queen.

Let's see if you have what it takes!

When you decide to enter a rodeo queen contest, you are applying for the best job of your life!  Here are a few simple guidelines that will help you make the most of your experience.

Rodeo Queen(41291)Credit: jmwilding

Decide well ahead of time on the title you would like to hold and the contest you want to enter and then start preparing for it.  A successful queen contestant doesn't just make the decision a week or two before the actual contest.  She has been preparing for months!

Follow the rules!  Start by having your application packet turned in well before the deadline.  Never call the contest director and request special treatment such as using a different sized picture for photogenics, or ask if your application can be "just a day or two late" or if you can wear a different outfit than what has been specified in the rules.  If you have a question about it, don't do it!

Study the association and the rodeo that you want to represent.  Know the rules, past and present champions, history, and all of the current information and standings.  It's your responsibility to know everything you can about the "company" you want to represent.  Remember, knowledge is confidence when competing.  The more you know, the easier your interview and impromptu categories will seem.  Study, study, study! 

Practice your speech and present it with feeling.  Stick to the time limit  and topic specified for your speech. 

Use good posture and gammar from this day forward!

Ride constantly.  You are trying out for rodeo queen and being a good rider with excellent horsemanship skills is extremely important.  Ride different horses besides your own.  Ride different elements of the reining pattern.  Make sure you ride like a queen and have the confidence of a cowgirl.  Do you ride because you love being on a horse?  Smile and show everyone that you are doing the thing you love most in the world.  Groom your horse as well as you groom yourself.  Don't forget to clean your tack.

Rodeo Queen on a Horse(41292)Credit: jmwilding

Remember the details.  Many times it's the small things that separate queen contestants in points.  No scuffs on your boots.  Well-fitting, clean, starched and pressed clothing are more important that expensive outfits.  Hats need to clean and well-shaped.  Don't take deductions for not following the rules regarding clothing.  If it's a PRCA rodeo, wear Wrangler pant products as they are a major sponsor.  Take time to find flattering hairstyles and makeup.

Competing at a rodeo queen contest is hard work and there are tense times but being well prepared can eliminate much of your tension.  Make sure you are good physical condition to handle the rigors of competing.

Mom, learn to enjoy this experience with your daughter.  Don't criticize and coach from the sidelines.  The time for coaching is before the contest, not during.  This is the time for mom to make friends with others who actually understand what you go through to help your daughter.  Enjoy watching your daughter and be proud of her efforts, no matter the outcome.

Don't get caught up in the politics of competing.  Don't blame others for your not being as well prepared as you should be or if you are having a bad day.  A queen contest should never be a life or death situation for any contestant.  Disappointments will help you grow stronger and better the next time, if you will let them.  Never say or do anything you will regret later.

Who you are on the inside will reflect on your outer beauty.  Remember to keep your standards high and act appropriately at all times.  You are not Jane Doe when you hold a title, you are Miss Rodeo and everyone is watching!  You are representing all of the queens who came before you and all of the little ones that want to hold this title in the future.  Be the best you can be, at all times.

Go the extra mile while holding your title.  Don't just be a decoration at a banquet.  Get out and do something.  Participate in community service events.  Offer to help while attending other contests and rodeo's.  Coordinators always need an extra hand with music, passing out programs, timing speeches, etc.  Be considerate of the reigning royalty when visiting other events.  It's their show!

Rodeo Queen FriendsCredit: jmwilding

This can be the best time of your life to be a rodeo queen.  Understanding the requirements well ahead of time will help prepare you for the job.  Enjoy it and make wonderful memories. 

Remember that winning friends is much more important than winning titles!