Earning money by writing content online is definitely possible. I admit that it was not an easy journey for me when I first started. There were lots of experiments with different content platforms, lots of failures and lots of lessons learned ever since I embarked on this journey. Nevertheless, it has been a great experience for me.

I still have a lot to learn and since I have just started seeing results and getting a good amount of pocket money, I'd like to share some of the tips I've learned to help those who are interested to get started in this path.

Tip 1 - Start Now
I've seen many people struggled with starting. Often, we give ourselves a lot of reasons to delay starting. The key here is to do something. Regardless of the task's size, when we do something that relates to writing, it helps us build our momentum. So, if you are getting started, you can choose to complete small tasks such as creating your accounts on content platforms like InfoBarrel, Squidoo, Wizzley and Seekyt. If you plan to provide content writing as a service, then you can get started by creating your accounts on websites such as Freelancer, Fiverr, Elance and Odesk.

Tip 2 - Set A Routine
A routine can keep us accountable. Each online writer may have their own routine that keeps them going in producing articles consistently. My routine helps me to focus in getting my writing done for the day without wasting my time. Before I created my routine, I used the whole day just to write an article simply because I was distracted by other chores. Now, I start writing in the morning and finish it up by lunch time. It makes me feel good because I can have the rest of the day to do my other work.

Tip 3 - Experiment
Experimenting is important because different platforms and revenue models work for different people. Lets say, if you are a great review writer, you may find that your chances of earning is better when you write review types of contents than fiction. If you are a great writer who can produce really compelling fiction stories that easily attracts a lot of visitors, then you may want to publish your works on places like InfoBarrel, to maximize your earnings from the ads. Keep learning and trying different revenue models so that you can maximize your earnings from your writing. Besides, trying out new things can keep you away from being bored of writing.

Tip 4 - Enjoy The Writing Process
It is important to enjoy writing. This doesn't mean that one must be lucky enough to be born a great writer. Writing is a skill that can be learned and honed. If you are an average writer, you can become better only when you learn to view each failure as a stepping stone and enjoy the learning curve. Without enjoyment and passion for writing, you will only find yourself in frustration and be blinded from the beauty of the lessons from the failures.

I am a big believer that we can do anything we set out to do. Just like any other dreams, being an online writer is possible for anyone who is willing to put in the effort to do the work and never give up.