black and blue or white and goldSo You Want To..........

Have Gentlemen Talking About Your Dress?

     Most of us have already seen the "Is it a blue and black dress or is it a white and gold dress?", which has been circulating through the social media arena. Let's be honest though it does not take much interest for something to go viral nowadays. But It does make me ponder the question, "why would two girls want men to notice their dress?"
     I mean we already know that women and men desire the attention of one another, and they will do some of the most crazy tactics just to garner the attention of one another. Though I think that women use the outward appearance more than a man who would use actions and tactics to draw the attention of another.
     Though I think the "why" may be easier to explain, most just want to know "How can I get a gentleman to notice my dress?" Well ladies I have 5 tips for you on how gentlemen perceive the clothes you wear. Take them or leave but here they are:

1. Know Your Audience
     Ladies know who you are trying to attract. If you want a father figure for your children or a kind, considerate, and loving husband, you probably want to stick with something more modest. Your new found love does not want you showing it off to other men once you are taken. Although if you want a jersey shore boy, well tighter, shorter and more revealing is what you are looking to wear, just do not expect a gentleman or prince charming

2. Know the Difference Between Trashy and Classy
     This one fairly simple. If you sleep in it, work out in it, or it is a slipper, then it is probably not classy. I know what you are thinking no cares if I run to the grocery store after the gym, or who will notice if I am pumping gas in my monkey slippers? We care and yes we noticed. There is a fine line between trashy and classy be careful not to cross it.

3. Know Yourself
     Take the time to really know who you are and be comfortable with the results. Find out what looks best on you, they have fitting rooms for a reason. No this is not mean to be harsh, just a reminder no one like bottom belly, leggings are not pants, and what fits your best friend may not fit you.

4. Know That Confidence is Not Bad
     Be confident with who you are, and who you are becoming in life. Every one is different so be your self, because everyone else is taken already. Life has a way of stripping confidence from people, but realize we all struggle in our own ways. So be confident in who God made you to be.

5. Know Social Media is a Powerful Tool
     If you want men to notice your clothes, take a picture of your favorite dress. Place it upon all the social media sites and have everyone debate what the colors are. You will then have millions of men discussing your dress with everyone they meet.

     I do hope you have found useful information and humor here, from some one who is concerned about the process, in which two women had to take just to get men to notice their dress.