Learning graphic design is very exciting. However, you can't expect to learn graphic design overnight. Graphic design can be very complicated, which means you will have to put a lot of time and effort into learning all of the ins and outs of graphic design. This guideline will go over various ways to learn graphic design, such as taking online courses, obtaining a degree in graphic design and teaching yourself graphic design. To purchase awesome graphic design programs, check out J&R Music and Computer World and Corel Corporation. You can get a great deal on the graphic design programs that are sold by those merchants by using promo codes.

1. Online Courses

If you just want to learn the basics of graphic design, then online courses should work for you. Believe it or not, many companies offer free online graphic design courses and/or tutorials. If you are interested in free courses, you should check out the Sessions Online School of Design, Designer Today Magazine, Adobe Online Training and QuarkEd. Of course, the graphic design courses that you pay for will be more thorough than free courses will be. You should be able to take individual online graphic design courses with any school that offers a graphic design course. Of course, if you have a school nearby, you can also take graphic design courses in person.

2. Graphic Design Degree

For whatever reason, some people seem to think that you can't make a living as a graphic designer. If you obtain a graphic design degree, then you most certainly can make a living as a graphic designer. You don't have to obtain a degree to become a professional graphic designer, but it will be much easier for you. A few of the top graphic design schools include Carnegie Mellon University, Virginia Commonwealth University, Rhode Island School of Design and Pratt Institute. You can even earn a graphic design degree online through schools such as University of Phoenix, DeVry University and Kaplan University. Most graphic design schools will offer both 2 year and 4 year degrees in graphic design.

3. Self Taught

Teaching yourself graphic design is an option if you have time to spare. Generally speaking, those who want to self teach graphic design will first purchase a graphic design program, read the user manual several times and then start experimenting with the program. If you would like to teach yourself graphic design, a few programs that you should look into purchasing include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Microsoft Publisher and Print Artist. Many companies that sell graphic design programs will also offer tutorials on their website that you can use to teach yourself graphic design. It is completely possible that you can become a professional graphic designer through self teaching, but it will likely take you a couple of years.