Review Part 2

Like the title says, I'm close to reaching payout on!

I worked at it a lot for a couple of days and I'm finally almost there...

It was an interesting experience and it will be the first actual payment I get from anywhere online EVER.

I tried my hand at affiliate marketing through clickbank and even made a couple of sales but on clickbank there are a few silly rules you need to follow to get your first payment. For example, did you know you need to have at least 5 different credit card numbers buying through your affilliate links before you can receive your first check? Also, you need to have been paid by both Visa and Mastercard at least once each... Not just visas or just mastercards... I never understood this rule but hey, rules are rules. I will get that first clickbank check one day...

The thing about is that I invested DAYS into it to reach the $10 payment threshold... Don't get me wrong, the process was fun but it was also a whole lot of work for a very small return. Everyone's gotta start somewhere though, right?

I am hoping to reach my first adsense, chitika, and amazon checks too through my articles here on Infobarrel ASAP. It's been already 4 months and things are going slow but it's an interesting learning experience. I'm learning a ton about writing content online for residual income and/or up-front pay. What I do know now is that it is possible to make money online... it is possible to make a full-time living online.

I don't believe is a revenue stream worth pursuing though anymore because all that time that I invested in it can be used for other more profitable ventures. However, has still been the most profitable online venture for me yet if I end up receiving my check because like I said it will be the first time I actually receive money that I can actually use from my online endeavors.

It's been a tough journey making money online... I've been daydreaming about making a living at this for years and the results have been near non-existant. That's the main reason I decided to write this article to give a reality check to anyone interested in earning extra money online or making a living at it. You might get different results than me and earn money faster but in my case it took a really long time to see any results and I wasted so much time just daydreaming about it and not taking action. I spent so much time researching how to do it and not enough time actually implementing the things I knew I should be doing...

I've been reading and daydreaming about this stuff literally for years now. I have learned so much and so far the journey has been worth it and I believe receiving this 10$ payout on paypal will be my own first big personal victory. It may not be much but it's a huge milestone for me because it will re-inforce the idea in my mind that it is possible to make money online after all.

Future goals and dreams?

I have so many ideas of projects I want to do in the near future that I don't know where to start. My primary goal right now is to focus all my time and energy on Infobarrel until I create a steady stream of 5-10$ a day for myself through this website. This will take a lot of work but I am determined.

I have so many other projects in mind for the long-term future including creating products on zazzle, starting an automated business on ebay, getting back into network marketing, starting a mini bulk-candy vendine machine business, getting into stock photography, possibly writing on other platforms similar to infobarrel and much much more! The possibilities online are truly endless!

As always, comments are welcomed and appreciated. Cheers!

Edit 18/11/2011: I reached payout the same day I wrote this article. It takes up to 5 days to receive the money to your paypal account. I will add to this article to confirm that I did get my payment when that happens.