In recent years, the weather in the UK has become more unpredictable than ever before. Or maybe it hasn't?

As a country which normally experiences a temperate climate, British people are used to unusual weather at the wrong time of year. Heavy rain in Summer, snow at Easter or even a mild Christmas have all occurred at some time or another.

However, more recently the weather has become even more peculiar.

Summers have been much wetter, winters much warmer and the seasons almost intermingled. Most of the extremes, especially summer flooding, have been attributed to global warming and, or, climate change. The consensus seemed to be that mankind's modern way of life had contributed to detrimental changes in our weather.

That is until quite recently. At a standstillLondon

There seems to be conflicting opinions now as to what exactly is happening, to cause such weather changes. People around the workd have begun to ask, "Is it all due to the damage inflicted on the environment?"

The correct answer seems hard to pin down.

Many scientists and politicians still follow the line of thought that mankind's behaviour of Earth has been responsible for global warming and climate change. Others, however, feel that many of these changes are simply down to the earth and its strange weather patterns.

For example.

From the 1500s to the 1800s the UK experienced a mini Ice Age and it would seem that such changes may be inevitable from time to time. Weather cycles and patterns may bring these type of changes around again.

Late December 2009 and early January 2010 has seen most parts of the UK experiencing heavy snowfall. The temperatures have been the coldest for many years. This is also true of the amount of snow and its longevity.

Snowmen and Snowomen are invading the UKOf course children love the snow

Of course this has called for many light hearted comments about the cold weather such as, it is so bad as we are suffering from Global Warming.

Whether the current seasonal winter weather is just a temporary throwback, to proper winters, or whether the world has got Global Warming wrong, is hard to decide. Personally, I think that there is little doubt that man has damaged the environment. However, this damage may have occurred simply as the world became more popluated, rather than any actions that man has performed or carried out.

The UK weather forecasters had predicted a hot barbecue summer and a mild winter for 2009 and both of these predictions were wrong. If weather, such as the current cold weather, is likely to be a more frequent UK visitor, then our government, scientists and environmental agencies need to have a re-think and plan accordingly.

After all, this relatively brief spell of snow has seen the UK at a virtual standstill.

Perhaps if all the necessary agencies had been less preoccupied with global warming, and had made appropriate preparations for winter weather, the situation would have been under control.