I kept hearing that word being thrown around the InfoBarrel community, but for the life of me I could never figure out what Backlinking meant. By the way other writers had been talking, knowing about and learning how to use backlinks would help me earn more money and traffic, which is favorable in all respects. However no one ever mentioned what it meant, leaving me in the dark and sorely confused at that.

It didn't seem fair that all these people knew how this worked, so I decided to take care of the situation myself. After some researching on the web, I found out that backlinking was simpler than I thought it would be. To backlink means to create a link directing to your own website, giving your site more traffic than it would be getting on its own. Every back link made is someone who is interested in your website, so they've shared a link with some of their friends. Now I can see what all the hubbub was about, since backlinking would be an essential tool to creating more revenue through InfoBarrel.

Another useful feature of backlinking is achieveing a higher PageRank in search engines. This means that the more views you recieve on a regular basis, the higher your website will appear on search engines results. Including the extra views you will be recieving thanks to those backlinks, you will be able to get even more traffic to your articles.

But how exactly can I start backlinking? It seems near impossible to network effectively by myself, especially as I'm just a beginner. A good first step is to simply put up a link where ever you can, such as in forums or related blogs. However, the trick is you need to publicize links without coming off as a nuisence to those around you. No one likes a spammer. It detracts from the topic being discussed and smells precisely like spiced pig shoulder meat, also known as Spam, so that no one will want to click on the link. If the main way you want to publicize yourself online is by posting often on blogs and forums, you need to build up a good reputation. Friendly chatting and simple friend making before posting your links can go a long way.

There are numerous ways one can use backlinking to publicize a website, and discovering those ways is half the fun. There are people who even make there business by backlinking for others, so if by some stroke of luck I find myself too busy with other things to do the work myself, I could look into these businesses and give them a call. Until then I have a good reputation to build.