So you think it is time to get a puppy.

Moments in time, just some thoughts on adopting the new puppy.

Really there is a lot more to think about when getting a puppy that people think, you just can’t say you want one.

There are many ways to get a new puppy, as myself recently was given a mixed breed Crested Chinese mixed with Boston terrier by some friends, so you may have friends that are giving a puppy away. Or you may decide that is time to rescue or adopt a puppy from the local shelter, or you may find a no kill shelter and most of these can be found on-line.  But then there are the die hard pure bred animal lovers, you must be aware of puppy mills, they are everywhere.  Actually Not against pure bred, having a Boston terrier and would get another one in a second with no problem.

Finding the new puppy, there are many things to decide before you even go to look.  Do you want a puppy or dog with long or short hair?  Do you want a male of female? Do you want a lap dog, guard dog, or working or show dog?

If you choose the long hair this dog may need to be groomed can you maintain your duty as an owner to do so?  Choosing a new puppy actually has a lot to do with your home, and the space.  Does the new puppy have room to run in the back yard? Or be outside when needed? Then you may want a bigger dog.  If the space is limited you may want a smaller dog, smaller dogs are not quieter just because they are small.

Choosing a male or female, females are less likely to smell out a male, as for males they may be more likely to roam down the road to see the female poodle in heat.  If you adopt from a shelter the contract will probably include a contract that will require you to have your new puppy spaded or neutered.

But there are some more very important things to consider before you adopt, rescue, or are given a new puppy.  You need to check it out from head to all toes.  You want a healthy puppy; the eyes should be clear and bright.  There nose should be wet not dry or runny.  Make sure the puppy acts healthy, by doing normal puppy stuff, jumping, rolling, chewing and craving attention, and playing well with his or her siblings, or other animals.

The puppy that is grumpy, moody and doesn’t crave attention, isn’t likely to change, and may get worse as they grow older.

This is important in finding the right pet, mostly if you have children.  Do some research on breeds of dogs that are good with children?

After deciding and finding the right puppy to take home, it is very important to get them to the Veterinarian as soon as possible for a complete check-up.  In the adoption, rescue, or purchase of a pure bred dog, you should find out all the shot the puppy has been given, and what the puppy needs.

If you bought a pure bred puppy, make sure the registration papers and pedigree papers are in correct order before leaving with your new pup.  Don’t fall in love and the papers are not correct.

More important unless you plan on breeding your new pure bred dog, or even show it.  Cut down on our pet population by having your puppy spaded or natured, this should be done whether you have gotten a male or a female.  This doesn’t hurt your dog, and won’t change their personality in anyway.

Other important points, a new puppy when you take it home will mean changes in your life, and your life will change a lot.  This new puppy needs plenty of loving care and attention, and training.

Training puppies, take times and they have accidents, and you will need to clean up after them.  New puppies like to chew, and they seem to find your favorite thing to chew on, make sure there are plenty of toys, and chew things just for them.

It is also important to watch and care for you new family member, and try to keep them out of trouble.

Make sure they have fresh water and food every day.

It is a lot of work, having a new puppy in the house or outside. You need lots of patience and understanding, but in the end when they have learned it is worth it.