Soaking Up the Sol Across Spain

Spain may be famous for sangria, bull fighting and salsa dancing, but take a detour away from the usual tourist traps and you will find a country bountiful in culture, mouth-watering food and beautiful scenery. In Spain life is savoured on a daily basis, and there is no chore that cannot be postponed until tomorrow.

To make the most out of your trip to Spain, consider taking a trip across the country by either hired car, bus (if you can stand the heat) or on the super modern AVE high speed train line that stretches conveniently across the country. Each city is unique and has its own distinct personality, whilst travelling through the countryside means you will discover some of the tiny, quaint villages nestled away from the normal tourist trail.

Start your trip in cosmopolitan Barcelona, where the sea sparkles and bars are filled with excited chatter all night long. Make sure you take a wander through the labyrinth that is the gothic area, and don’t miss the quirky architecture of Gaudi that is spread across the city.

After living it up in Barcelona, nurse away your party head by travelling down the coast and stopping off at some of the gorgeous secluded beaches. A little further south is Valencia, home of seafood Paella and the perfect place to relax and slow down the pace.

Head inland through the sprawling mountains to the pulsing metropolis of Madrid, not forgetting to stop off in a quaint town or two to sample fresh local produce and soak in some of that famous Spanish hospitality. Located in the heart of the country, here the balcony lined streets always lead to a sun drenched plaza where you can fill yourself with delicious tapas, sip on a summer wine and watch some of the best flamenco around. The art galleries are breath-taking, whilst hiring a boat to take out on the lake in the lush Parque del Retiro is one of the best ways to laze away the afternoon.

Next stop is Granada, where the Islamic influence is still tangible in the architecture and steep, winding cobbled streets and the free tapas are enough to keep you fed for a week. The Alhambra red castle back dropped by the Sierra Nevada is a must see, as is the incredible 16th century Gothic cathedral.

Returning to the coast, visit Malaga - the home of Picasso and a city which has recently undergone much regeneration, with an emphasis on art galleries. After a dose of culture round off your trip in Cadiz, a vibrant city where the priority is fun and the coast is beautiful.

As one of Europe’s top tourist destinations, holidays in Spain needn’t be typical. With a little imagination you can create the trip of a lifetime.

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