Soap Nuts are cited as the best way to make laundry day Eco friendly. But how do soap nuts compare to detergent is one of the first questions most people ask. Soap Nuts vs Detergent is a pretty hot topic in the world of Eco Friendly Cleaning. Hardly surprising as we spend a huge proportion of our household cleaning budget on laundry detergents. That means a whole lot of business is relying on us buying pre-made laundry detergents, hoth green and conventional.

How soap nuts compare to laundry detergent depends on what your concerns are, but here we shall look at the primary considerations when choosing a product to keep your laundry clean.

Cleaning Power of Soap Nuts vs Detergents

All in all, customer reviews agree that soap nuts are extremely effective at cleaning, and at removing odor. In fact, customer reviews at amazon regularly cite the surprise at how well diapers were dealt with. But, there are some stains that just will disappear a whole lot more miraculously with a conventional chemical detergent.

One thing some consumers find odd is the lack of a clean smell. We are so used to using heavily fragranced laundry detergents and fabric softeners (that are not recommended with soap nuts) that it may take a while to get used to completely odor free washing. But, you can add a few drops of a favorite essential oil if you really do need a fragranced clean smell.

To get the most out of your natural soap nut you may need to occasionally pre-soak items. But, if you are looking for a green laundry detergent, soap nuts repeatedly perform better than green alternatives. Plus, if Eco friendly cleaning is something you are aiming for, you should be presoaking heavily soiled items anyway to reduce the need for long hot wash cycles!

Eco Friendliness of Soap Nuts & Laundry Detergents

Soap Nuts are completely natural and 100% biodegradable. That puts them heads and shoulders above pretty much anything else available to deal with your laundry. Once in our waste-water system the residue from soap nuts helps to break down the toxins in our grey water. So not only do they not pollute, they actually help reduce pollution too.

With no processing needed other than drying a simple berry and packaging it for the consumer, the environmental costs of production are negligible. But, most soap nuts currently sold in the United States come from Nepal and India so there is of course transportation to think about. However, these are light, there is no wasted transportation of water as there is with liquid laundry detergent.

Being a simple berry, grown naturally for thousands of years, this is definitely a sustainable method of cleaning our clothes.

Soap Nut vs Detergent for Convenience

Soap Nuts are simple to use. You simply throw a few in the washer, and they can be reused around five times. But, being a soapy berry they can become a little sticky or gloopy in humid conditions. This is hardly problematic. But, dealing with a sticky soap nut rather than a plastic scoop of chemical detergent may be a step to far for some. Fear not, though, if you really want to keep to your powder or liquid you can buy soap nuts that have been processed into powders and liquids for you. Or simply soak some nuts in water and make your own soft soap instead.

Value for Money

Firstly, if in doubt you can spend a few dollars on a sample or trial pack of soap nuts that will clean five loads. This means you do not need to waste much cash to see whether you agree they are great news for Eco friendly cleaning. Secondly, buy in bulk. For around $50 you can buy enough soap nuts to clean 800 loads of laundry. That beats the cheapest budget detergent hands down!

Soap Nut vs Detergent

In the battle of the soap nut vs detergent the winner will really depend on how much you want to make your cleaning Eco friendly. Until soap nuts appear on the store shelves most folks will continue to buy ordinary chemical detergents or slightly less toxic green laundry detergents. But do they work? Yes indeed, just check out the customer Soap Nut Reviews.