Soccer Requires Much Endurance to Be Successful
Soccer is one of the best sports you can play if you want to work out and stay in shape. Soccer is a full body workout because you are running around and using all your muscles. It is excellent for building strength and endurance. There are a few soccer conditioning workouts and training tips in particular that are worth trying.

One of the best soccer conditioning workouts is the running drill. For this you simply mark out two spots on the field, one about 10 meters from the other. Then you line up on one line, sprint to the other, go back again, and continue doing this for at least five minutes. To make it more of a challenge, reach down and touch the marked line every time you get to one side or the other. This elevates your heart rate and gets the blood flowing. It is a perfect warmup activity to loosen and limber muscles.

Another of the more effective soccer conditioning workouts is one that helps increase speed. Speed really separates the pros from the other players and is important to work on. Known as stepping strides, this workout is easy but very effective and gets results. You simply place a series of markers on the ground about 1 yard apart each. Now you run between these markers as quickly as you can and every time you complete one round you move the markers a bit farther apart. This makes it more challenging and you can continue moving them farther and farther apart, repeating the drills as long as you like.

Agility training is also important. The super shuttle is a perfect example of an agility training workout. To perform super shuttles, set up a series of cones in a cross formation on the field. Now you make your way back through the markers, side stepping as you go. Doing it backwards is the most challenging and gets the best results but you can go forwards to start with.

Soccer is a wonderful sport. Not only does it offer a great workout but it is also a great joy to play. These are just a few of the best soccer conditioning workouts you can try. Whether you coach a soccer team or are just looking to improve your own soccer playing skills, these workouts are perfect to add to your regular routine. Over time and with more practice you will start to see an improvement in your game.