Soccer Turf Shoes: Best Cheap Athletic Equipment

Playing soccer indoors makes picking the right pair of soccer turf shoes essential. Turf shoes are in between full out cleats and indoors shoes. Cleats have long studs on the bottom of them for digging into soft grass fields. Indoor shoes have a flatter sole that doesn't dig in much. Turf shoes have a slight cleat on the bottom of them in order to give off some bit of traction. In order to pick out the best soccer turf shoes for you, you need to have a firm understanding of your needs and the surface you will be playing on.

How To Pick Out Soccer Turf Shoes

The first thing you need to consider is the surface you are playing on. Turf shoes are usually worn for outdoor games played on artificial turf. You'll be making longer runs than indoor and you'll be playing a lot longer balls. Both of these factors will exclude indoor shoes from your choices. Turf shoes are the easy decision, what exact turf shoe is not.

The longer the turf the longer cleat you need. The longer turn increases the distance between your foot and the ground. The entire reason you wear soccer turf shoes is to gain traction by digging into the ground. This makes a longer cleat necessary to dig into the ground. If you want a decent pair of turf shoes you should go for a mid length cleat. They aren't technically cleats but they are what gives you traction on the turf.

Once you have determined the turn you are playing on you want to figure out what size you wear.

What Size Soccer Turf Shoes Should I Wear?

You might think this is a no brainer, but it isn't. A lot of high-level soccer players prefer to wear a smaller soccer shoe in order to create a club like toe. They cram their feet into small shoes. Supposedly this gives them more power and accuracy. If these are two factors that are important to you and your position, you should consider trying out a pair of shoes that are smaller than what you normally wear.

Where Can You Buy Soccer Turn Shoes

If you know what turf shoe you want you should look for them online. There you'll get the best selection possible for some of the best prices around. is a soccer specific online retailer that has a wide selection of turf shoes. If you have never bought turf shoes before you might want to look in an offline retailer.

There you can try out different styles and sizes to find what fits you best. You want to make sure the shoes you buy are suitable for you and your game. The nature of soccer makes it an important decision for your long-term success.

Picking out the right pair of soccer turf shoes starts out by understanding the surface you will be playing on. Artificial turf can vary in how plush it is and how long it is. This makes picking the wrong pair of soccer turf shoes a serious threat for anyone not paying attention.